Fantasy Man

“It’s sweet and sexy, and will even convince you that ferrets are adorable… overall was a pretty fun read.”

Romance Novels For The Beach

“There is some great humour, and a rather lovely charm to the romance. All in all, I enjoyed this read.”

Wicked Reads

“My favorite part of this novel was Vinnie and the ferrets… a nice lighthearted read….”

– Precious Books

“Fantasy Man by Barbara Meyers is a very sexy, suspenseful and enjoyable read involving an overprotected young lady, the mob, some cute ferrets, and a fun fling with “my brother’s best friend” that threatens to turn into something entirely different. And Reif (love the name!) is my ideal male protagonist – a guy who doesn’t tuck neatly into any particular “Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Omega” niche. Fantasy Man is a steamy, fun-filled read, particularly if you enjoy best friend/little sister romances (and ferrets!).”

Author Donna June Cooper

“Fantasy Man was a super quick and fun read that kept me turning pages when I should’ve been doing other stuff! Reif was my favorite type of hero- a good guy with old fashioned values, but still tough and sexy. But Quinn really made this book for me. She was so outspoken (without always being snarky, which gets annoying after awhile IMO), and knew exactly what she wanted and went about getting it. She was often fearless- the kind of character I love to read because I’m not like that at all. The tension slowly built the first half, then went crazy the second- I couldn’t put it down. I also really loved the antagonist and his ferrets- Meyers did a great job, no one-dimensional villains here. In all a great read, a definite recommend for romance lovers.”

Author Melanie Stanford

“Your books are awesome. They’re spicy…but in a delicate way.”

– Reader

What a Rich Woman Wants

“This is an unexpected gem… the two of them are well suited to face it all together, which was the enjoyable thing about this book… keeping the romance on a slow burn throughout… it’s highly satisfying…”

– 4 Stars, Romantic Times Book Reviews

“I must say that I was surprised, and happily so, that for a romance novel featuring a sexy sheriff’s deputy, we didn’t have any sex scenes featuring handcuffs. Mighty refreshing…The fact that Lesley was a strong-willed business woman meant that she had no problem making the first move.

Should you read it? Let me put it to you this way, after reading this book I was intrigued enough by the characters that I would consider going back and reading the books that came before. It seems like an interesting series, and I just might have to start from the beginning!”


“A tangled web follows Lesley and Niko as they try to come to sort their true feelings and how it will affect their positions. Sizzling sex enhances WHAT A RICH WOMAN WANTS while being infused with emotion, mystery and love for an innocent child.

WHAT A RICH WOMAN WANTS is Book four in The Braddock Brotherhood and the first I have had the pleasure of reading by Barbara Myers and in this series. I was definitely caught up in the mystery surrounding the child and how expertly Ms. Myers kept the reader turning page after page to uncover the truth. This sexy cop and the high-powered executive know how to heat up the sheets.”

Fresh Fiction Reviews

Nobody's Fool

“Seeing her (Jolie) come face to face with some of the kids she wronged in school was nicely done and I liked how she handled it …the reason for her trust issues made a lot of sense…there were plenty of fun bits and pieces…”

Book Gannett Reviews

A Forever Kind of Guy

“I read your Braddock Brotherhood series this week–I was deeply touched many times, especially by A Forever Kind of Guy.”

– Reader

“…Built on a platform of past regrets, this emotional story has full power to draw the reader in. With characters that are complex, believable, and likable, this is both a plot and character driven story. There are so many touches of real life situations that it’s hard not to somehow relate to one of the characters situations. Hayley and Ray have a long way to go in putting their fears and pasts behind them, but the journey towards that goal is one not to be missed.

What’s not to like about a happily ever after for two people that have been through hell and back, but yet manage to stay strong in the meantime? If you still believe in forever, then don’t miss this gut wrenching, intense book about life, loss, and love in A Forever Kind of Guy.”

Long and Short Reviews

“Barbara Meyers loves small towns, and she portrays small town life and love very lovingly.  She has the trick of endearing the reader to her characters with their ordinary human decency in a way that elevates it to real heroism.

In A Forever Kind of Guy she brings us a story in which neither the mysteries and lies of the powerful and sophisticated urban world nor the ugliness of criminal gang life can overpower small town love.  This is a very reassuring world, full of warmth and genuineness and the true power of love.”

– Jennifer Stevenson, author of Fools Paradise

“…This is a great read. Heart-warming with bits that bring tears to your eyes as well as bits that will have you laughing and sitting on the edge of your seat. Go for it; take a chance on A Forever Kind Of Guy!  It is definitely worth it!.”

– 4 stars, Sabine from Manic Readers

The First Time Again

“A charming, vibrant romance about second chances…Barbara Meyers always delivers great characters and a delightful read.”

– Shannon Donnelly, author of the Mackenzie Solomon Urban Fantasy series

“This is a great contemporary romance full of heart, a bit of heat, and the strong ties to family. …The First Time Again is emotionally charged, sexy, and fun. If you’re looking for a great read, I recommend this story. Yes, it’s book three in a series, but it’s definitely a good standalone. I enjoy this author’s work and will easily seek out more stories from Ms. Meyers.”

– Long and Short Reviews

“The chemistry between Baylee and Trey was adorable.  Baylee…has a sweetness to her that makes you want to give her a shoulder to lean on.  Enjoyable story, thought it was heartfelt and look forward to reading more in the Braddock series.”

Single Title Reviews 

“The main characters in the third installment of Meyers’ Braddock Brotherhood series have intriguing backstories, and the supporting cast is well-developed…overall this is a delightful and entertaining read.”

RT Book Reviews 

“…this story… is filled with nostalgia and full of emotions. Barbara Meyers is a talented author composing a unique plot with equally unique characters. THE FIRST TIME AGAIN will leave you with a good warm feeling to see justice and vindication following for the lovers.”

Fresh Fiction

“a heartwarming, sexy contemporary romance to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think…”

– Patricia Rice

“A sweet story with a delicious hero”

Author Ann Roth