As usual, it has taken me forever to make a book available to my legions of fans. Thank you for your patience. Writing and publishing are not only still in the experimental stages as far as my career goes, they are a mystery to me. This time I am trying…

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The Pink Nightshirt

Downsizing living quarters is never easy.  During the pre-transition, packing stage it’s a constant battle over what to keep and what to let go.  Will I need it?  Have I used it in the last six months?  Did I even remember I had this? Many items, even ones I’ve had…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Five

We go into the living room to chat some more.  Of course Mom can’t hear anything even when someone shouts.  No one is sitting close to her to repeat everything so she just misses most of it.  She’s gone to the bathroom three or four times.  She’s sat down and…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Two

I haven’t seen Scrub or my mother in two years, not since Kevin’s funeral.  We’ve never been particularly close, but we tend to come together during family crises, like when my dad was sick and then died, and when my brother passed away. Each evening Scrub and I sit out…

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