Sarcoxie Days

9/7/14  I’m on my way home!  Yay!  Yesterday we went to breakfast at The Hungry House with Maxine.  It was raining and cold after the 90 degree heat of the day before – a shock to find it in the 60’s.  The Hungry House is the only restaurant anywhere near…

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The Guilt Trip 2013 (Part 4)

Thursday is our last full day here.  We’re going to lunch with the aunts on my mother’s side.  Well, two of them.  Martha is sick with a cold and can’t make it.   First we drop off another load of donations at a crisis center in Carthage that Stacy told me about…

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The Guilt Trip 2013 (Part 3)

I lose track of time while I’m cleaning and sorting and before I know it it’s ten o’clock.  I’m afraid I’ve missed the window of opportunity where Mom will know who we are if I’m not there by ten.  We arrive at the home around ten-thirty a.m. which turns out…

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The Guilt Trip 2013 (Part 2)

Tuesday evening we were invited to my Aunt Rosemary’s for dinner by her daughter my cousin Janet, who is the only one of my cousins I sort of stay in touch with.  Every year Janet sends me a Christmas letter which I receive sometime in mid- to late January.  It…

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The Guilt Trip 2013 (Part 1)

It’s Wednesday.  I’ve been here since Monday.  I’m surrounded by things I don’t want to do.  I have a headache.  For the second day in a row the coffee I’ve made is horrible (even though it’s Starbucks coffee).  It’s pouring down rain, lightning and thundering.  Yesterday we went to see…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Ten, The End

That evening Sue allows me to take her out to dinner for her upcoming birthday.  We go to a Mexican restaurant.  It’s practically deserted, due in part to the weather, I’m sure. Friday she and I meander around town together.  She needs a few things for her house.  The rain…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Five

We go into the living room to chat some more.  Of course Mom can’t hear anything even when someone shouts.  No one is sitting close to her to repeat everything so she just misses most of it.  She’s gone to the bathroom three or four times.  She’s sat down and…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Four

Sunday, May 26, 2012  Scrub and I have decided to go to church “out on the prairie” which is where my parents always went to church.  If we go we might run into some of our cousins and maybe our aunt and uncle, my father’s brother and his wife.  We…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part One

Thursday May 24, 2012  I fly fromFort Myers,Florida to O’Hare in Chicago.  My friend Sue who is also my former sister-in-law picks me up around ten in the morning.  We eat at Cracker Barrel on the way toLadd, Illinoiswhere she lives.  This is part of my planned trip:  Fly into Chicago,…

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