Can A Daughter Go Home Again?

Joy left home at 18 with a boy her minister father didn’t approve of. Joy and Mike marry in Vegas and arrive in LA. Shortly thereafter Joy discovers she’s pregnant and before she gives birth Mike is killed in a motorcycle accident. Broke, pregnant and widowed, Joy calls home. Her father, Art, says, “You’ve made your bed. Now lie in it.” He hangs up on her.

Loss of Enthusiasm

I may have temporarily lost my enthusiasm but as I write this I'm waiting to see what my cover artist comes up with, finalizing my blurb, and finishing some minor editing on-- heres' the ironic twist--my romantic comedy, CLEO'S WEB.


AZT was the only drug available early on, and what followed was years of bouts of illness, hospitalizations, the loss of his eyesight, his teeth. Addiction recovery. Social Security Disability.