How many times have you heard something billed as unforgettable?  How many times have you forgotten that something?  I consider it false advertising, as in the case of E‘s promotion of the Eric and Jessie Game On’s “unforgettable” season finale.  Not only will I personally find it forgettable, because I don’t follow…

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Me and Justin and Matt

Last spring at the coffee store where I’d been working for a couple of months, I noticed a regular customer named Justin. Tall, good-looking, polite. He always ordered the same thing, one of those sweet espresso beverages with whipped cream. One day my coworker Kristen said, “Do you know who…

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The Pink Nightshirt

Downsizing living quarters is never easy.  During the pre-transition, packing stage it’s a constant battle over what to keep and what to let go.  Will I need it?  Have I used it in the last six months?  Did I even remember I had this? Many items, even ones I’ve had…

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Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Three

        Mom launches into a reminiscence about her own parents.  Her mother had to get up every morning and make biscuits from scratch on an old wood cook stove.  My grandfather would sit on a straight-backed chair next to the stove and rock back and forth on the back legs…

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Barb’s Box of Stuff

When you’re looking at downsizing your living quarters you have to make some tough decisions about what you’ll be getting rid of. In a far back corner of my closet there is a box of stuff I’ve saved for over fifteen years.  Things I kept when we moved to our…

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Have You Been Where Your Parents Were Born?

Yes, I have been to Southwest Missouri many times.  My dad grew up on a farm on “the prairie” during The Great Depression.  He was the eldest of five children and was raised in the house his grandfather built.  The house isn’t there any more.  His brother inherited it and he…

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