The Red Bud Iowa Series

If You Knew
If You Dare
If You Stay
Barbara Meyers

About Barbara

I have been seriously writing romance novels for over twenty-five years but it took me a while to get serious about publishing them. Now I am the ahem, bestselling  [<–see what I did there? 😉 ] author of several romance novels.

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Perfect Day at the Lake

Perfect Day at the Lake Walk Run Bicycle Roller Blade Skateboard   Three Miles Smooth Path Never smile Can’t hear: birdsong breeze against leaves passing “hello” Warning! Strangers! Eyes only…

The Newsletter Not Sent

Below is the January 2024 newsletter never sent to my newsletter subscribers. Apparently, I have what has been diagnosed as “burnout” when it comes to writing. Paralysis sets in when…

The Right to Write – Place

Inspired by The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. Write down every place you’ve lived and then pick one of those places to write about a vivid memory. (Written 3/13/24)…

Contemplating Widowhood

Contemplating Widowhood A few months ago, my husband got sick. We don’t know with what, and although he was never tested, we suspect it was some strain of Covid. Three…

The Light

I was raised by frugal parents who were always concerned about the bills. How much water we used, i.e., you’re taking too long in the shower. We had to clean…

Sunday Morning Musings: But For The Grace of God

Sunday Morning Musings: But For The Grace of God It’s a mix of anticipation and dread I experience as I plan to visit my friend Katie* for the second time…

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