The Red Bud Iowa Series

If You Knew
If You Dare
If You Stay
Barbara Meyers

About Barbara

I have been seriously writing romance novels for over twenty-five years but it took me a while to get serious about publishing them. Now I am the ahem, bestselling  [<–see what I did there? 😉 ] author of several romance novels.

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My Favorite Things – The Vase

My Favorite Things – The Vase   A few weeks before Christmas my husband broke a piece of glassware that came to me after my favorite aunt Maxine passed. She…

Sunday Morning Musings: Bread Cast Upon Water

“Give generously, for your gifts will return to you later. Divide your gifts among many, for in the days ahead you yourself may need much help.” Ecclesiastes 11: 1-2 This…

Sunday Morning Musings: The Search For Ice

It’s the Friday after Hurricane Ian did its thing in Florida. The power went off Wednesday at 6 p.m. I’ve taken the recommended precautions: plenty of drinking water, bathtubs filled…

Remarkable Romance for Discerning Readers

I have picked up SO MANY books lately that were just meh. I was beginning to wonder if it’s me, but I don’t think it is. I’ve also begun to…

Sunflowers in Summer, Part 1

If you read White Roses in Winter, you may recall Tiffany Preston, Kerrie’s back-stabbing frenemy who takes a fall. I love redemption stories, and I’d like to give Tiffany one…

Romantic Beach Reads and So Much More

  IF YOU STAY (Book Three, Red Bud Iowa) BUY THE BOOK HERE A runaway daughter. An unforgiving father. A reluctant artist. At 18, Joy Laurence took off with the…

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