The Red Bud Iowa Series

If You Knew
If You Dare
If You Stay
Barbara Meyers

About Barbara

I have been seriously writing romance novels for over twenty-five years but it took me a while to get serious about publishing them. Now I am the ahem, bestselling  [<–see what I did there? 😉 ] author of several romance novels.

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I-don’t-care-itis: Death of a small town

I-don’t-care-itis: Death of a small town. As part owner of an aging home in a small town, I’m interested in its upkeep as well as the surrounding neighborhood. On a…

I did the best I could.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023 I dread looking at my email in case the review sites I requested reviews from for Animal have posted reviews. Although my two beta readers loved…

Flowers for her Granddaughter

Flowers for her Granddaughter For her birthday, my friend Katie* wanted to send her granddaughter flowers and asked for my help, which I’m happy to give because Katie is somewhat…

Two White Dogs

Two White Dogs Two white dogs appeared running loose in our retirement neighborhood a few days ago. According to our Facebook group, everyone was discussing them, but no one had…

Acceptance and Rejection

A few days ago, I did a happy dance after being notified that my story, American in Paris, had been accepted into Florida Writers Association’s 2023 Collection. Every year FWA…

You Lost me at Flashback   

You Lost me at Flashback I’ve noticed a trend lately in the books I’ve read or attempted to read. In fact, I’ve picked up two of them back-to-back. One was…

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