Why I Love Samhain Publishing

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)Because Samhain finally gave me a chance. Because at Samhain “it’s all about the story.” Because, because, because!

After years of struggling to figure out how to write a sellable romance novel, I still couldn’t sell any. I couldn’t get agents interested. I was so much dust under editors’ feet at the big New York houses. In spite of years spent in romance writers’ organizations and numerous conferences attended and many pitch sessions, no one wanted my work.

I dumped the romance writers’ organization but not before I saw an article about Samhain Publishing in their magazine.

Having nothing to lose is a great place to be. You could send your entire manuscript to Samhain online. For once, someone might read the entire book instead of my excruciatingly painfully crafted query letters, synopses and/or fist ten pages/first chapter.

In a matter of weeks an editor replied with the words I never thought I’d hear: “I want to publish your manuscript.”

image001_editedSeriously? I was skeptical, but eventually that editor talked me into it. That book was A MONTH FROM MIAMI published in 2009. And then? Nothing happened. I wrote A FOREVER KIND OF GUY (inspired by a line I never used in the first book) and I heard nothing. For a year. Not a peep. Not a sound from anyone at Samhain. Where had my beloved editor gone? Why was she ignoring me? Didn’t they want me any more? What had I done to offend them? These were the thoughts I had.

Turns out, my editor took a promotion and there was a shortage of editors and long story short, finally, I got a new editor and she offered me a contract and suggested a series we eventually titled the Braddock Brotherhood which encompasses four connected but stand-alone novels.

My second editor left and the next one wasn’t into what I’d written as much and probably wasn’t thrilled to have to edit my third Samhain book, but she did. By the time I had something new to submit, her roster was full and I got passed off to yet another editor. Sigh. (At this point I was back to thinking no one wants me…I have abandonment issues.)

But beware blessings in disguise. My new editor was male! And he was funny. And he was a good editor. And he liked my writing. And he kept offering me contracts. (More on him in next blog.)

Why do I love Samhain? Because it’s all about the story. Because they keep offering me contracts. Because finally I found a home for my books.





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  1. Yay Noah!! And yay for you finally finding the right home and right fit. I got passed from first editor to Noah, and I was worried at first too, but he IS such a good editor and funny! I’d like to think he likes my writing – guess we’ll find out next contract 😉 Great blog post!

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