When Dad Was Sick – Part Twelve

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)7/10/08 I ate a whole Totino’s Pizza late last night.  I don’t know why.  It sounded good to me.  I didn’t eat so much yesterday, so I guess I thought I deserved it. 

Shocker.  Mom just said she’s going for a walk.  Which is good.  She said yesterday she could barely make it around the block her legs were so weak.  Again…maybe if you’d get up out of bed and move around on a regular basis.  Boy, I’ll tell you, when I get home I am going to step up the exercise routine.  I can’t stand the idea of getting old and weak.  They have both sort of let themselves go and are saggy and wilted.  Dad, I can sort of understand.  But Mom was always fairly lazy and never exercised much unless it was to walk a bit.  She should have done it more.  It’s something at least, to keep the body moving.  It would probably help her stay regular, too.  Not that she wants to hear that bit of advice from me, of course.  So I just don’t say anything much to her. 

I got out!!  To Carthage.  To the library (an hour online) and to Wal-Mart.  Woo-hoo.  Got home about 2 to find that Dad JUST got up.  He was eating cereal and prunes and not feeling so hot.  Kevin said he gave him his morphine and some Ativan, that Dad was real itchy and wanted the Ativan.  He’s back in bed with oxygen on. 

Dad told me to cancel (or stop paying for) that $8.95/mo. Accident policy Mom has through JC Penney.  The bill came today including what I didn’t pay last month.  I told her I was going to call and cancel it and she said she wanted to keep it.  I said there’s no point.  It’s highly unlikely you’ll die in an accident.  Hell, she hardly ever leaves the house.  She said, “You don’t know that.  I could be riding with someone else and they could have an accident.”  Roll of eyes.  I told her Dad told me last month not to pay it.  But see, even though she always defers to him and wants him to make the decisions, the fact that it’s coming from me, isn’t good enough.  Of course, I can cancel it anyway, probably, and she’ll never know.  Evil grin.  So stupid.  Statistically, the fact the she’s survived an accidental injury or death this long, means it’s astronomically unlikely that she’ll suffer one now.  A stupid waste of money.  Because she’s an idiot. 

Why does this aggravate me so?  It’s SO stupid.

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