When Dad Was Sick – Part Ten

100_02687/8/08 Later that same evening… 

OMG, I am so bored.  I have been eating eating eating.  Two pancakes.  Beans & ham.  Chocolate.  Pie and ice cream.  Potato chips.  Coke.  Spaghetti.  A Peach.  I look like I’m pregnant. 

The woman from the Area Agency on Aging came by today and hopefully someone will start coming 2 hours a week to clean, so that will be good.  I sure wish I had brought my postcards to hand out, but of course, I’m an idiot and I didn’t and I forgot to tell Bill to send me some with the package that came today.  I don’t know how I could get Dad somewhere to sign that POA and get it notarized. 

I am going to call the oncologist’s office tomorrow and see if there’s an earlier appointment.  I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.  Dad seemed to have a better day today.  He was up more, anyway.  Didn’t eat much.  Pie and ice cream for dinner.  He’s getting so thin.  Lloyd and Anna Lee stopped by this afternoon.  Clem and Lenore brought peaches, green beans and cherry pie while the Agency lady was here. 

I called Bill.  That’s how lonely and in need of diversion I was.  He’s still singing the “put them in assisted living” song.   

This is what Mom does.  Okay, she offers Dad pie late this afternoon and he doesn’t want it right then.   So she and I have the news on in the living room and Dad walks out to the kitchen, which I was getting up to go to anyway and get the leftover spaghetti out of the fridge.  So I asked him (again) if he wanted pie and that there was vanilla ice cream in the other freezer which I was going out to get the spaghetti anyway.  He said he was thinking about it so I got the ice cream and brought it in.  He went to the bathroom and Mom came into the kitchen so I told her he wanted some if she wanted to dish it up.  So she did.  Then he came out of the bathroom and she has a bowl of pie and ice cream and she says, “I thought you weren’t hungry.”  It’s like, geez, lady, what is your problem?  He does something positive (show a desire to eat) and she’s gotta slam him for it.  There’s always a judgment.  Always a disapproval.  Behind everything she says.  Then when he gets done she says, “Is that all you’re going to eat?”  See, he even did that wrong.  If he doesn’t eat, she bitches and whines about him not eating.  If he does eat, and it wasn’t her idea, he’s wrong and then he didn’t eat enough or eat the right thing.  How in the world has he lived with this woman all these years?  Dealing with her through an alcohol-induced haze must have made it so much easier.

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