When Dad Was Sick – Part Four


Today Matt called.  Kevin came over.  Mom and I went to the bank in Monett and emptied out the safe deposit box.  No POA in there, mostly stuff about the house, closing docs and a copy of that trust doc which is their will.  I only had one key, but when I got home, Mom looked in her jewelry box and found the other one she didn’t recall having.  I’ll have to take it back to the bank as we closed the box and they’ll charge $10 if we don’t have the key. 

We got hotdogs and had lunch.  I woke Dad up at 8 to give him his pills but he never got up to eat until about 10:30.  He had prunes and a chocolate donut and orange juice and coffee with milk of magnesia in it.   

Then Dani and I went to Carthage.  I got the form from Dr. Sacry’s office and got the disabled placard.  We went to MacDonald’s and got online.  I looked at my e-mail but didn’t have time to read much of it.  Most is junk, but I need to sort through it.  Maybe will go to library tomorrow and see if I can get online.  Decided to call Allegiant to make reservation instead of doing it online as couldn’t find the flex fare section in case I need to change the reservation. 

Mom screwed up a call from Dr. Corcoran’s office about a prescription.  I had asked them to renew it through ExpressScrips but they renewed it through the Sarcoxie Pharmacy.  I thought it was a mistake, so called when I got home and they called back to say they had told Mom she needed to get her blood work done before they will do a 3-month renewal.  It has been a year since she had it done.  So I had to go back to the Sarcoxie Pharmacy and say, oh, you know that prescription I told you was a mistake and I didn’t need?  I need it.  Duh.   

Dani and I went to Wal-Mart to get some food and stuff we needed.  Mom was trying to put her eyebrows on with a Bic pen this morning.  I told her it was a Bic pen but she insisted it just looked like a Bic pen but it was a gray eyebrow pencil; the girl at Wal-Mart told her it was a gray eyebrow pencil.  I said again, “It’s a Bic pen.”  But she insists I’m wrong so I left her to it.  I figure she can’t see that it’s a pen and she can’t see her eyebrows anyway and she’s not getting much ink on them that I’ve noticed, so what’s the harm.  It’s not worth arguing with her.  We went through a similar scenario when I was here the beginning of May.  I looked then for a gray eyebrow pencil at Wal-Mart and am convinced no such thing exists.  I bought her a dark blonde one today, so maybe she will use it instead of the Bic pen.  But I doubt it.


(L-R) Brothers: Francis, Clem, A.J. (Dad)

Jean and Francis came over again with Clem.  They are flying home tomorrow.  I went in to take a phone call from Susan and after I hung up I heard Francis telling Dad how he’d always looked up to him.  Dad said something about how he knew they’d had their differences.  Jean was tearing up.  It was so touching.  She said to me that she knew how hard this must be for us and I put my hand up, like stop, you’ll make me cry.  I don’t want Dad to see us crying because he’ll wonder what’s going on.  What are we supposed to say?  “You’re dying Dad, and it makes us sad”?  Better to hold it together around him and Mom both.  Fall apart in private. 


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