What Ever Happened to Kindness?

The global coffee company I work for teamed up with Lady Gaga for a “Cup of Kindness” campaign. We’re attempting to bring kindness back. Which made me start to wonder, “What ever happened to kindness?”

It disappeared…at some point. I’m not sure when. But turn on the news or the internet these days and you won’t find it there. The pure meanness and pettiness of the people in this country, especially the people in positions of governmental power is shocking. How small have we become? How egotistical? How downright mean can we be? You’d think there’s a prize for the winner of meanness.

There’s a crown I’m sure someone wants to wear: The King of Meanness.

It runs throughout television programming. Reality shows where the participants swear at, insult, and pull each other’s hair. Drama is the name of the game and kindness or niceness is rarely dramatic. It doesn’t get ratings or attract attention. It’s too quiet and humble and good.

No one likes “good” any more. The ruder, the louder, the brasher, the meaner, the bitchier we are, the greater the reward. This is the reality of life in the U.S.A. No wonder we need a campaign to promote kindness. We no longer know how to do it ourselves. And that my friends, is beyond sad.



  1. I thought the same as I researched the murders of victims in my case files. Mean and nasty people in small town America out for their own shelfish needs. Then I met a young lady who became a part of my life. She cared and introduced me to a group of volunteers who changed my mind. Through the events of cruel and heartless people walk a group of caring adults, the CUE center. #cuestrong


    • Hi Tracey, 🙂 Of course I know kindness still exists and it’s probably more prevalent than we think it is, but I just found it sad that we have to “promote” it in such a public way to encourage it. I feel like it used to be ingrained in us. I’m glad you’re having such a positive experience with CUE. Sounds like a great a organization. Thanks for commenting. Always appreciated.

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