After Niko Morales clawed his way out of gang life, he found a career in law enforcement. He meets Lesley when he applies for a grant for the community center he wants to create. His passion is helping disadvantaged youth, and he will do almost anything to make his vision a reality. 

Lesley Robinson is forced to step up and take control of her father’s Fortune 500 company after his debilitating stroke. Because she also just adopted a baby and divorced her cheating husband, she hides her pain and uncertainty behind an icy exterior. 

      When Lesley asks him to escort her to elite social functions in exchange for her help, he knows he won’t fit in but is unable to resist her offer. Even though they are worlds apart, Lesley can’t resist Niko’s warmth and understanding. But their relationship poses a threat to others, and if Lesley and Niko aren’t careful, they could lose each other forever.  

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What a Rich Woman Wants was originally published by Samhain Publishing as the 4th book in The Braddock Brotherhood connected stand-alone series. The character of Niko Morales first appeared in the second book, A Forever Kind of Guy.  This is the original Samhain cover.



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