The Freedom Lull-a-bye

I think we’ve elected the perfect president for our country.  Someone who reflects who and what the American people have become.  A “free” people.  But what if we’ve taken freedom to far?  What if we’ve taken it to a complete lack of accountability?

I’m often surrounded by 20-somethings because I work with them.  I’m also a parent of two.  I get a glimpse into their attitudes and their world-view and sometimes it’s frightening.

Take for example a young woman who becomes pregnant and calls it an accident.  Even though she knowingly had unprotected sex.  This is not an accident.  It is behavior associated with risk and there are known consequences.  To the young people having sex with each other like bunnies, get a clue.  Sex between a male and a female can lead to procreation (oops, using those big words again), in other words, a baby.  But…there seems to be an epidemic of uncommitted unions resulting in unplanned babies.  Which results in unstable environments in which to raise these children.  Because, it seems, no one wants to take responsibility for the decision that brought them into the world and the fact that they’re here now and must be dealt with properly.  Should we all be shocked when children born of irresponsible parents grow up to be irresponsible?

Remember when you were a child and all you wanted was to grow up and be “free?”  Free of your parents’ rules, free to do your own thing, live your own life?  This is all well and good but what many of us don’t seem to get is that along with freedom comes responsibility.  Freedom without responsibility results in chaos.  Which seems to be where we’re heading now.

The supposed health care crisis may not be the crisis we think it is.  Think of all the sick people you know and now take a look at their lifestyles.  How much of their “illness” is caused simply by the fact that they don’t take care of the mind and body God gave them?  Although there are certainly illnesses that strike those who do their best to be healthy, many of our fellow citizens bring it on themselves.  Excesses in food, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.  Back pain because you’re overweight and don’t exercise?  Take these pills or get this surgery.  Lung problems?  Could those be caused by smoking?  Liver problems?  Depression?  Been drinking much lately?

Oh, it makes me so mad when people look outwardly for a cure for what ails them, but never see that it’s within their own power to regain their health.  No, because then they’d have to take responsibility for the shape they’re in.  It can’t be their fault, can it?  Blame MacDonald’s or the tobacco industry or the beer manufacturers.  Who let all that pot and cocaine across the border to tempt us?  Must be the government’s fault.  Because it certainly isn’t ours.  Someone twisted our arms, forced us to try it.  It wasn’t by choice and now we’re addicted.  Boo-hoo.

In the same way, isn’t that what the current administration does?  They refuse to be held accountable for decisions they make, even for statements caught on tape.  When the president is expected to speak the truth and doesn’t, anyone who calls him on it is a racist or someone with a differing political agenda.  It couldn’t possibly be because he said something that wasn’t true.  Because that would mean he’d have to explain himself.  Be held accountable.  And if we hold our leader accountable for what he says and does, then we’d have to take a good hard look at ourselves.  We might have to hold ourselves accountable.  And it’s really so much easier to look the other way.  No one wants to look in that mirror.  No one wants to do the work required.  We all want to take the easy way out, so why should we be surprised when we elect someone with the same mindset?

When Bill Clinton was president and he got caught with his hand in Monica Lewinsky’s candy jar we pretended to be appalled and outraged.  But in truth, I think a lot of men applauded him for being a guy and doing what many of them were doing.  Cheating on his wife, chasing younger women.  Because he was like them.  And if he did it, whether he got away with it or not, then it made it okay for the rest of us.  Yeah, you might get caught.  But it’s no big deal.  Life goes on.

How do you tell when someone is sincere?  By what they do, not by what they say.  Actions speak louder than words.  Yet we allow ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security by this president’s words.  Giving a great speech is what got him elected.  But how does having a way with words translate into responsible leadership? Or even the ability to lead?

Things getting tough?  People getting angy?  Trot the president out and let him give another speech.  It’s like a lull-a-bye.  A lull-a-bye is meant to soothe a child back to sleep, and that’s exactly what the president hopes to do to the American people with the sound of his voice.  Like children, he thinks we’re too naive to look beyond the meaning of his words.  We’ll go back to sleep and let him do whatever he wants with this country and our money.

A boss of mine once told me the easiest thing in the world to do is to spend someone else’s money.  Since we, as a society always seem to look for the easy way out, why are we surprised that we have a president who wants to spend someone else’s money?  The someone else being the taxpayers, you and me, for example.  Is it only okay when someone else’s money is spent as long as it isn’t your money?  Too bad.  Because it is your money.  It’s my money.  We elected the people in the White House and Congress whether we actually voted for them or not.  We don’t hold them accountable for the same reason we don’t hold ourselves or our children accountable.  Because it’s too much work.

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  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading some truth!!!

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