When I Was A Bully

Her name was Marie.  We were in first grade at a Catholic School in a small Midwestern town. It doesn’t matter where we were or how old we were.  My classmates and I were bullies.  We weren’t just mean we were cruel.  I wasn’t friends with Marie, but I’ve never…

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Have You Been Where Your Parents Were Born?

Yes, I have been to Southwest Missouri many times.  My dad grew up on a farm on “the prairie” during The Great Depression.  He was the eldest of five children and was raised in the house his grandfather built.  The house isn’t there any more.  His brother inherited it and he…

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The Town Where I Grew Up

Describe the town where you grew up.  (Another WordPress Post-a-Week topic.) Here’s the problem I have with this topic.  I didn’t grow up in any one place.  Our family moved and moved and moved.  And then we moved again.  I started out life in a tiny town in Missouri, then…

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