Sunday Morning Musings: Me: God, please help me God:  I’m trying, but you’re not listening.

Me: God, please help me

God:  I’m trying, but you’re not listening.

Prayer is a mysterious, powerful thing that I don’t think any human being can fully understand. We believe God answers our prayers when we get what we pray for. But if we don’t? We see that as rejection. Proof God doesn’t love us. We turn our backs on God.

Even when we say, “Oh, God” or “Oh, my God” or plain old “God!” it’s a prayer of sorts. Whether we’re sharing grief, frustration, or joy, God hears us.

If you’ve ever had a child or been a child, you can understand the relationship between us and God. If you ever in childhood didn’t get what you wanted from your parent(s) what did you do? Throw a tantrum? Turn your backs on them? Tell them you hated them?

It didn’t matter to you that perhaps what you were asking for wasn’t good for you or age appropriate. Your parents were doing their best to protect you, but you labeled them as mean, selfish, cruel.

Did your parents ever try to speak to you, but you refused to listen? As a parent have you ever said to your child, “You’re not listening.”?  Children especially don’t want to listen if they’re not hearing what they want to hear.

If you’ve had these experiences, maybe you can get a glimpse of how God feels. We are His children. He wants what is best for us always. He wants us to ask for His help. He wants us to listen to His answers. But sometimes we can’t even hear Him because we aren’t listening.

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t listen to music when driving? There was a time when it was automatic. Car starts. Radio comes on. Sick of the radio put in a tape. Then it was CDs. Now it’s whatever I’ve downloaded.

I don’t remember exactly why I turned the music off. It must have been when I began having a longer commute to work. I began to use that time to pray. When I finished praying, I realized I liked the quiet. I had time to think with few distractions. I had time to listen. Just in case God had some answers for me.

It seems to me that everyone fills their waking hours with noise. Music. Video games. TV. Activity. The Almighty Cell Phone. If we aren’t engaged in something we’re bored. Silence? Quiet? Prayer? Boring!

How are we supposed to hear God when we don’t listen?


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