Sunday Morning Musings: Blood and Tears

We all cry tears that are the same color

No matter what shade our skin

No matter whose blood is shed

It’s always red

We all want to believe in something

But we’re easily influenced

And easily fooled

We want to find a cause

But we also want to blame



For everything that’s wrong in our lives


It can’t be any fault of our own

We want to stand for something

But we’ll fall for almost anything

We fail to see the enemy is not out there

It’s inside of us.

It’s what divides us

Because we forgot what it was like to be united

Against a common cause

We forgot that’s what built our country

And what made it great

Until we decided to tear it down

No one has to drop a bomb on us

We’ll destroy ourselves with no help at all

Because we’d rather fight each other

Than pray for each other

We’d rather protest and riot in the street

Than join hands and share our suffering

Taking away the guns won’t solve our problems

Changing attitudes might

But we won’t do that either

We’ve forgotten that we are all God’s children

And he loves us all equally

That we’re all given the same chance for redemption

Maybe too many of us never knew God’s love

And that’s why we fight each other

Instead of sharing His love


#God #love #country



  1. Great words of wisdom, Barb. So very true.

  2. Peggy, Had to put my two cents in after listening to all the news and pundits sharing their thoughts! Thanks for commenting. 🙂 Always appreciated.

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