Sunday Morning Musings: 2017 – The Year of Gratitude?

One of the things I realized late in 2016 was that I allow my words to run away with me much too often. There was no such thing as a sarcastic remark I didn’t allow to come out of my mouth. I’ve said some really hurtful things, but of course, I was only joking. I’m a legend in my own mind for my quick wit and dry sense of humor. That’s what everyone loves about me, so they say.

But it has to stop. So I’ve become rather quiet, especially at my day job. I’m trying to be nicer. Kinder. Why does it have to be so hard?J

Being kind costs nothing. Except perhaps a bit of self-control.

I’ve begun to consider more deeply how many people on this planet are less fortunate than I am. Maybe volunteering at a local hospice has brought that point home in a way nothing else did. A patient I see regularly is younger than I am. She struggles daily and I can’t even begin to understand how difficult it must be for her to watch her life shrink. She can’t drive, can’t work and can’t walk unassisted. Even the small tasks she sets for herself are often beyond her.

I think how fortunate I and most of the people I know are that they got out of bed this morning. We grumble about working but what if we couldn’t work? We whine when the alarm goes off and we have to get out of bed, but what if we couldn’t get out of bed? We shuffle to the kitchen to make coffee, but what if we couldn’t walk? How would we like waiting for someone to bring us coffee? If anyone would.

We hear about “First World problems” and we laugh at ourselves when we can’t decide which designer handbag to buy or what breed of puppy to carry around in it. We’ve become this ridiculous society where we’re taught the value of material things but not the value of kindness or empathy. “Please” and “thank you” are foreign phrases to us. “Let me help you” are four words that may never cross our lips in that order.

I guiltily watch E! News and I’m well aware that while I find it an entertaining diversion, it often reflects everything that isn’t admirable about our culture.

I started live Tweeting The Bachelor last year because it’s such mock-worthy television how could I not?

But this year, the first episode just made me kind of sad. The spoiled women who obviously care only about their own needs and wants. The self-promotion, the jealousy, the pure meanness. While everyone involved is there to grab their fifteen seconds of fame under the guise of finding true love. Who came up with this idea? It’s brilliant, a ratings success and makes lots of money for the network and, I suppose, for the people who participate. I’m just not sure I can continue to mock something so deserving of nothing more than pity.

I can’t explain this turnaround in my thinking except maybe I asked God to give me a kinder more grateful heart and He said yes.

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