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2014-08-22 06.13.18This is my daughter, Danielle (and me). Although she was born and raised in Florida, about a year ago she and her husband Cody moved to Manchester, NH. They leased a two-bedroom apartment in a renovated mill owned by Brady Sullivan (hereinafter referred to as BS).

Cody and Dani house-hunted this past winter and almost bought a house…but it didn’t pass inspection and the deal fell through, so they renewed their lease at Mill West while continuing the house hunt.

Apparently, BS has renovated numerous old buildings in the Manchester area and elsewhere, converting them to offices, apartments or storage facilities. They are therefore aware that lead is an issue. What BS did in Mill West was renovate the upper floors and rent them out before beginning work on the lower floors.

They recently started sandblasting in that renovation and low and behold, wouldn’t you know the company hired to do that work is not properly licensed and has not followed procedures set forth to do the work safely. As a result, lead dust can now be found everywhere in Mill West. The stairwells, the common areas, and the apartments, including the one my son-in-law and daughter live in.

Their pregnant neighbor has moved out of her apartment and who could blame her? Lead is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. That neighbor doesn’t want anything from her apartment because everything is contaminated with lead…thanks to BS.

Because of the lead issue, Cody and Dani requested to be let out of the lease they recently renewed and were told no. It makes no difference to BS apparently, that they are endangering the health of their tenants, especially those who have young children or who are trying to start a family. See the independent lead testing report for their apartment here:

Is what BS is doing illegal? I’m not sure. Is it unethical? It sure seems like it. Is it unfair? Most definitely. Don’t property owners have some responsibility toward their tenants to provide at least a minimally safe place for them to live? Should they knowingly be allowed to put their tenants in danger? I don’t think so and I’m sure the tenants at BS properties feel the same. Especially considering the rents they pay.

Of course Dani is upset. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair and what BS is doing is wrong and unfair, but what can she do?

So far, she’s started a social media campaign to bring attention to what’s going on with BS and Mill West. She’s contacting news organizations, government representatives (including the governor of NH who has already responded via Twitter) and anyone else she can think of who can bring pressure to bear to force BS to do the right thing.

All Dani wants is to be let out of her lease. She and Cody are house-hunting again. They want to start a family but they aren’t going to risk their health or the health and development of an unborn child because of BS’s greed and lack of ethics.

I suggested it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and they should move out in spite of BS’s refusal to terminate their lease. Let BS come after them for it. But I’m truly hoping BS will have bigger fish to fry than to pursue one tenant for non-payment. I hope that someone with no vested interest in this company has the power to make them do the right thing.

That’s the problem with big companies in smallish cities. The local politicians and news organizations rely heavily on those companies for support and advertising dollars. They don’t want to alienate their biggest donors and sources of revenue. Which makes it hard for individuals to be heard when those powerful companies do something wrong.

Listen up #BradySullivanProperties: This is my baby you’re dealing with.

This is so much B.S.

Any inaccuracies in this blog post are entirely mine.

You can follow Dani’s efforts on Twitter @DaniSueNH

For more information on the hazards of lead poisoning.

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  1. NOW I understand your previous post about lead!

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