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I can’t write melodies, but I enjoy putting song lyrics together.

2/18/11  From Voice Recorder
Lyrics by Barbara Meyers (revised 4/9/11)

Mama Mean

Verse 1
Mama how’d you get so mean
Disapproval when you look at me
How can one person hate so much?
All I needed was your loving touch
Daddy you’re out so late at night
At home you’re always filled with spite
Maybe you don’t like who we are
Until you stumble out of the bar

Verse 2
The kids at school make fun of me
My torn dress, bruises they can see
Daddy why’d you hit so hard
Don’t you see I’m already scarred?

For years I did my best
Inside I was such a mess
I quit school you kicked me out
Even now you can’t hear me shout

Thought it was me but it was you
Even now you have no clue
Took me years but I’m okay
Found self worth you can’t take away

Verse 3
Found my faith and now understand
A desperate woman and an angry man
Have no love between them to give
Create sad children who don’t want to live
We’re lucky if we learn how to love
Receive a gift from high above
My little girl you’ll never see
I love her the way you couldn’t love me

I wrote this after someone close to me got taken advantage of by a woman:

Bad For Me

(Song Lyrics © 2/28/12 Barbara Meyers)

Verse 1,2
I never saw her coming but she sure saw me
Gave away her body and her lies were free
Her supposed love came too easily
Didn’t see her trap, went in willingly

When we met she seemed like a sweet ripe peach
Found out her beauty hid a bloodsucking leach
Talked me into a diamond and a house on the beach
Believe me this is a girl you never want to meet

I was a moth to her flame, she a spider to my fly
I see things clearly now some time’s gone by
Her honey was poison to this lovesick bee
I was good for her, but she was bad for me

Verse 3

If she gets her claws in you there’s something you should know
Her kind is good for the body, but bad for the soul
Stay away from her buddy, don’t make the same mistake
The only ring she deserves is a really good fake

“Roses In the Sand”

Follow the link above to hear my songwriting partner and friend Carlene Thissen singing one of our songs!

Note from Carlene: We just finished this one with Laura Leary on violin and low harmony. Co-written with Martha Christian and Barbara Meyers Love this song! I’ll be singing it tonight at the local Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) meeting where I’m the featured songwriter —also will pitch it to  a publisher online on Thursday evening, through the Global Songwriters Connection. Wish us luck! (1/26/15)

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