Sunday Morning Musings: Whatsa Matter, Cupcake?

2015-02-06 22.14.14 (4)I’ve been told many times in my life, “You just don’t understand.”

And the people who have said those words were likely correct. Until I walk in your shoes there is no way I can feel what you feel. And one thing I really don’t understand is the reaction of many to Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential campaign.

I don’t recall ever being exposed to such angst, so many tears, so much violent upset over a presidential election. Is it because she’s a woman and she lost? Does that somehow send women in this country further away from achieving their own goals? I don’t see how, but if that’s how you feel, explain it to me.

There are numerous women in powerful positions in this country and others. A woman (Kellyanne Conway) broke a glass ceiling by being the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign. In the U.S. females have held high offices such as Supreme Court Justices and Cabinet secretaries. A female president is inevitable at some point, just not this year.

What did women think a female president was going to do for them? How was it going to affect their day-to-day lives? Clinton was a symbol, perhaps for women power, but nothing more. I’d view her as a stepping stone. She did break a glass ceiling by being the first female presidential nominee for a primary party. She made progress for women, but there’s very little positive focus on that.

What I want to say to those who keep posting on Facebook and other social media about their sadness and resentment is this: Grow the hell up. Life’s not fair. You don’t always get what you want. Get over it and move on and toughen up. Because if you’ve still got your panties in a wad over an election that wasn’t even close, you have a tough future ahead of you.

I am truly concerned about the future of this country when I see the weakness of its young people. Have they been so sheltered and cosseted and never told no that they have no idea what disappointment feels like and therefore are unable to cope with it when it happens? Is this what results from not keeping score at all those childhood soccer games?

Therapy dogs? Really? Who’s going to defend our country in the future when we’re all off in our safe spaces nursing our own perceived “wounds?”

Maybe it’s generational. I wasn’t raised to air every single thought and opinion I had. As a general rule, I don’t discuss politics or a variety of other subjects with any but my inner circle of friends and family. My political views (and religious views and sexual preferences) are really nobody’s business. Airing them to all and sundry merely creates hard feelings. While I’ve encouraged the young people I know to vote, I don’t ask and don’t particularly care who they voted for.  I just want them to appreciate and exercise their constitutional right. I want them to participate in the process.

I hope all of those who are having trouble coping with the election outcome will find a future candidate they can rally behind and turn their negative energy to positive. Because this ongoing whining about something that isn’t going to change? I may not understand it but I know I’m sick of it.

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