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I am watching the news about the “endless wave of illegal immigrants.” This has been in the headlines for more than a week. My reactions have ranged from appalled to incredulous to disgusted to frustrated. I’ve debated the situation and possible solutions with my husband, not that we have any real control over it. I’ve decided instead of getting angry every time I see this story, what I should be doing is saying a prayer.

I watch the crowds of protestors and the righteous legal residents who are given a voice on national TV. They express their outrage at what this influx of children from Central America are taking away from their children and the rest of us who are fortunate enough to be legal residents. I agree with them.

While I watch the political aspects being tossed back and forth, especially the one about the law enacted under another administration being blamed for the reason these children are here, I want to rail at the powers that be and at presidents who pick and choose the laws they decide to enforce.

We all know, don’t we, that those busloads of immigrants could have been denied access and not allowed to cross the border? The president could have thumbed his nose at them and said, “Sue me,” just as he tells his political opponents and what would have happened then? We don’t enforce the laws we have now regarding the border and individuals who are in our country illegally. Obeying a law to allow this particular group in is quite selective, isn’t it?

The Secret suggests we adopt an attitude of, “There’s plenty for everyone.” We abuse and ignore our own abundance of wealth in its various forms. Our pets are overweight and so is most of our population yet we claim we don’t have “enough” to provide to those who arrive uninvited.

The U.S.A has absorbed tens of thousands who have never bothered to become legal residents. We know they’re here and we’ve adjusted to the fact that this is the way it is.

We’ve all got an opinion about the right side and the wrong side of this issue.

I’m reminded of the driver who knows the highway is narrowing but refuses to get in line. Instead he speeds to the front and edges his way in. We all honk and shake our fists at him, but let him in we do because what’s the alternative? A dent in our bumper? A road rage incident?

What do we do about that driver who realizes he’s in the wrong lane and he wants to edge over in bumper-to-bumper traffic? How many of us don’t want to let him in? We crowd up to the car in front of us just to keep that guy out. And yet…we don’t own the road, do we? It is not ours alone. It is ours to share.

It is too bad that we don’t feel the same way about our country. “I was here first!” we shout at those late comers. “Wait your turn.” We feel horrible that they’re flooding across our borders. How much worse will we feel if we send them back to violence, starvation, abuse, death?

Feeling helpless? That’s how I feel about much of what’s happening in the world. Most evenings I have to turn the news off before it’s finished because my feelings of frustration and helplessness are too much. I tell myself there’s nothing I can do. But then I remember there is something I can do.

Instead of getting angry and frustrated, I’ve decided to give it to God. There is no problem He cannot take on. A dear friend of mine wrote a book about the word Namaste. “I see you and recognize you as a loved child of God just as I am.” All those children being sent here for reasons we may not fully comprehend? Those are loved children of God. So are you. So am I. The leaders of our country, the members of drug cartels, the border patrol agents — all loved children of God.

While we’re gathering everything God gave us closer so no one can take it away, instead of expressing our outrage, we might also experiment with the power of prayer. When so much in life seems an unexplainable mystery, perhaps we’ll find comfort and even peace in acknowledging that God works in mysterious ways.

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