Picky Reader – 12

Some books I read recently and enjoyed:

Deeper Than Dead by Tami Hoag.  I don’t normally like to read a book set in the past but in a time period that’s within my own lifetime, but hey, it’s Tami Hoag and she explains why she did it.  Well written suspense, as always.  I sure didn’t have the villain figured out before the cops did.  This is why readers will read anything a really good author writes.  They don’t let you down.  If you haven’t read Hoag’s Kill the Messenger, I highly recommend it. 

Bleedout by Joan Brady.  What a good book!  Exceptionally well written and plotted.  Straight suspense.  Exceptional characterization.  I must read more by her!  This book deserved every bit of praise it received.  I suspected one of the characters who turned out to be one of the villains, (except I couldn’t figure out the how of it) but I sure didn’t see the other one coming, even though in retrospect, there were enough clues.  But hey, not even the main character had a clue before I did, so I don’t feel so bad.  This is a book that says “Gotcha!” to me.  Brilliant. 

Seven Mile Beach by Tom Gilling.  Read this only if you enjoy books with inconclusive endings.  I was rolling along caught up in the story and turned to the next page only to realize there was no next page.  I prefer books who tie everything up in a nice neat bow for me, so an otherwise enjoyable read was spoiled by a frustrating ending.

I won’t tell you how many books I removed from the library shelves recently and two that I even renewed, none of which I finished.  Boring.  Stupid.  Or just plain, “what is this book about?” questions after fifty or more pages.  Life is too short to read bad books.

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