Panic in the Streets

Freaking out as much as I ever do, I discovered whatever I did when I set up my blog appears to have taken over my entire web site!  So when you search on the internet for, what comes up is my first blog (The Intimidation Factor) and only the blog.  The rest of my web site?  Inaccessible.  Gone.  Disappeared.  I destroyed it.
See why I waited a year to set it up?  Because I knew I’d screw it up.  Panicked e-mails sent to web mistress, although I don’t think this is in her job description.  What other computer geeks do I know that can help me?  I’m making a list as I write this.
The good news?  I now notice on the Word Press site there’s all kinds of tutorials I never saw.  I accessed WordPress through my web site host.  Oh, follow the instructions to easily set up your blog.  Did that, but then I murdered my web site in the process.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my web mistress forbids me to touch anything to do with the site or the blog ever again.  That’s if she can straighten it out for me.  And who could blame her after all her hard work.  Me getting my fingers on it just creates more work for her.  I expect her resignation letter any day now.
Funny thing is, I’ve worked for people like me.  You want to say to them, get away from it, you’re screwing it up!  Let me do it.  Don’t touch.  But it’s their office and their money that’s paying you, so you have to stand by helplessly and watch them destroy everything you did and then let them pay you to fix it all back the way it was.
Why didn’t I just say to Sarah, hey, can you set this blog up for me and tell me how to do it and let her post the blogs for me?  Why?  Because I’m a computer- knowledge-deficient idiot.  That’s why.  (And she’s too nice to agree with me.)
And while I’ve been sitting here thinking they need to create a manual for helpless technological deficients like me, I notice there is a book.  It’s called WordPress for Dummies.
P.S.  The first post “The Intimidation Factor” was originally posted on 1/4/09.  It even got comments from two people at the local Barnes & Noble who must have found it while checking out my web site prior to my booksigning there scheduled for February 6.  The sad thing?  They probably thought that post was my entire web site.
I originally wrote this one on 1/6/09, but paralysis set in once I realized I’d bungled it and was doing nothing but overwriting my web site.  
Sarah fixed it.  She truly believes me capable of posting my own blogs.  I wonder how long it will take me to shatter her illusions?

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  1. Ha ha, you crack me up! I do believe in you! You can do it! Keep up the good work.

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