Off The Cuff

Didn’t I just say yesterday that I wasn’t going to look for an agent?  Okay, I lied.  If things move forward the way I expect, I’ll need one.  What makes me think I can or want to negotiate contracts on my own?  I’ve never cared much for the business end of writing.  Creating is much more fulfilling and interesting. 

If success is when preparation meets opportunity, why should I be stupid and childish about getting an agent now?  Might as well shoot myself in the foot if I’m going to do that.  See, this is why these posts are titled “Off The Cuff.”  Because I don’t advance plan what I’m writing, think about it, edit and then post.  NO.  I just post whatever’s going through my head at the moment.  You see how dangerous this can be.  Especially since I’m often futzing around with my thoughts and feelings.  They change from moment to moment.

So query letters are zinging out across the e-mail system.  Stay tuned for further updates. 🙂

Oh, by the way, I’ve been up since 4 a.m.  I don’t know why I keep waking up so early.  I’m pretty sure I need more than six hours sleep, but I’m awake and I’m not going back to sleep and there’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s 6:07 a.m. now.  I’ve had two cups of coffee, a piece of toast, loaded the dishwasher with last night’s dishes, journaled, done some more agent research and sent out another query.  I have to work from 7 to 11 today.  Bet I’ll need a nap.  I was dragging yesterday when I had to work 11 to 5.  Which is why you’d think I’d sleep longer, right?

Oh, well.  Getting up at 4 has its advantages.  I can put in a full 8 hours before noon!


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