The Freedom Lull-a-bye

I think we’ve elected the perfect president for our country.  Someone who reflects who and what the American people have become.  A “free” people.  But what if we’ve taken freedom to far?  What if we’ve taken it to a complete lack of accountability? I’m often surrounded by 20-somethings because I…

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The People on TV Reflect…Me?

After watching TV last night, I’m almost ashamed to call myself a U.S. citizen.  One has to wonder, doesn’t one, what this country is coming to?  First we have a member of Congress standing up during the President’s speech and calling him a liar.  Then Kanye West gets in Taylor…

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Dissed Again?

I’ve never quite figured out marketing, especially when it comes to marketing the books I write.  It all seems like so much work.  That’s part of the “business” aspect of writing that I don’t particularly like to do.  It’s time-consuming and creatively draining.  A necessary evil if you will. Having…

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My Vein, My Blood – 18

9-26-06 Blizzard’s birthday.  I still miss that dog.  I wasn’t kind enough to him when I had him.  I am not a kind person.  I am jaded, bitter and disillusioned.  This whole thing with _____ should just be filed under “Life’s Not Fair” and I should move on.  We all…

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