New Year's Goals

ajtillock2013 012I hate the idea of New Year’s Resolutions  They’re so…resolute!  It’s all or nothing.  If I don’t completely achieve them I’ve completely failed.

But I like the idea of goals.  I can work toward them and even if I don’t make it all the way, I probably accomplished something.  I don’t see how I can “fail” as long as I’m working toward that goal.

I can’t find my goals for 2014.  I’m sure I wrote them down…somewhere.  In a journal, I bet.  When I find them I will share and we’ll see what I achieved and whether it’s what I set out to accomplish.  (Found them.  They were all about writing more.)

I sold two books to Samhain Publishing in 2014.  Nobody’s Fool and What a Rich Woman Wants will be released in January and May 2015 respectively.  This is the first year I have two books releasing.

Goal Number One for 2015 is to publish/sell/contract for four books.  Only two of these books are in rough draft form at the moment.  The other two are incomplete.  Perhaps I haven’t even started them!  No, I’ll go further out on this limb.  Fantasy Man (I don’t want to tell you how long I’ve been working on this one) has been rewritten, revised and tweaked and is almost ready for submission.  It’s been turned down once, but a kindly editor offered a whole slew of suggestions for reworking it, all of which I have taken into consideration.  I’m kind of hoping he’ll take another look at it and love it.

Cool Beans (sigh) is the second book of my AJ Tillock screwball fantasy series, Grinding Reality.  I have been sitting on it for ages because it’s a lot of work to self-publish books.  Another author has read through it and sent back her critique, so I’m just going to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done, get a cover designed, get it formatted, etc., and get it out there in 2015.

New year 2015 poster design

Goal Number Two is to weigh what I did on my wedding day.  135 pounds.  I’ve already started on that. I’m convinced age has nothing to do with whether or not you can lose weight.  Nor do hormones.  I think telling myself that is a cop-out.  There’s too much evidence to the contrary.

For twenty years I’ve carried around an extra twenty pounds our of shear laziness.  I got married and I got comfortable.  I was no longer competing to find a man. I had kids and I told myself it’s okay if I don’t lose all that “baby” weight.  Then my metabolism slowed down and the pounds crept on. woman shows her weight loss by wearing an old jeans

Numerous people have told me I don’t look like I need to lose weight.  I’d say I look okay at the weight I’m at, but there are days where I really dislike that muffin-top effect.

I’ve already started this process thanks to a couple of good friends who have set an example and offered me advice or motivated me in other ways.  I started doing a few miles several days a week of alternating walking and jogging.  I’m not a dieter, but I’ve tried hard to make my calories count.  I have to turn my back on the potato chips and the chocolate bars when I shop for food.  I snack on homemade popcorn.popcorn 2

I realized a lot of time it’s the texture not necessarily the taste I crave.  I want crunch, but there are other healthier things that crunch besides potato chips.  I know I will eat the entire bag if I buy them.

Composite image of this year i am going to

Nothing has motivated me more than living in a neighborhood where a lot of older, overweight people ride around in golf carts.  I am convinced they’d all be healthier if they walked wherever it is they’re going.

Stay tuned for monthly updates.  I hope you set some goals that are achievable.  Don’t get discouraged.

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