My Vein, My Blood – 16


I will do just about anything to avoid journaling.  I think it’s a time stealer.  But I waste so much time on so many other things why not this.  If it gives me any insight or creative stimulous that’s certainly a plus.  Besides, it’s raining and the cable is out.  HAHA.  God saved me printing out my ms. today.  That file I lost HE reminded me was on my back up disc.  So those mss are ready to mail and I hope he blesses them on their way.  I am sure tired of sitting in front of that computer.  I wonder if W is opening tomorrow.  I hardly ever get to open with her.  It’s like a non-stop running gag when we’re both there.  I enjoy A, too.  She’s pretty easy to get along with and she laughs a lot.  Let’s analyze everyone.  N is sweet but she seems to have a lot of family issues that affect her.  T is a good guy and he has a lot of enthusiasm and a good heart.  K is sort of quiet and serious, but she’s a hard worker and likes to do things well.  P talks too much.  Period.  Why does she think people are interested in her life?  They’re not.  I guess she has no one to talk to otherwise.  So she blabs a lot at work.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  D is sweet but oh so sensitive.  I don’t interact much with her.  My sarcastic comments hurt her feelings and she doesn’t get me at all.  So it’s best to keep quiet around her.  C. I hardly ever see.  His head is not on his work when he’s at Starbucks.  He’s a horrible closer.  T is something else.  So funny, smart and sweet.  Well-traveled.  Loves to have a good time.  She’s respectful and responsible.  A good shift.  J doesn’t get me either.  She’s moody.  I don’t interact much with her.  She’s really fast on the bar, thought.  T is sweet and a hard worker.  I like her.  T—not crazy about her.  Not sure why.  There’s a limit to how much you can tease her.  She talks too much when she should be working.  A is just so odd.  She’s sweet-natured but she’s so slow.  She frustrates me.  Have I left out anyone?  W reminds me of someone else I used to know.  Someone who had no boundaries.  Who spouted every thought that came into their head.  But I can’t think who it was.  Someone who worked at Starbucks?  I think it stopped raining.  Should I cancel on S, I wonder?  I am so tired of her always changing plans on me.  Is she really that busy and popular?  Maybe she is.  She never seems to be at home.  I don’t know why I enjoy her company.  Maybe I’m just a sucker.

Sun. 6-4-06?:

I’m up early but not early enough to make journaling the first thing I do.  Made a cup of tea.  B had TV on.  I checked e-mail only for S e-mail.  Update on B. Messages are there for all of us from God.  Sometimes we just need some help tuning in the station.  I should probably talk to T about writing the DM about a pay increase.  Maybe I should address it to him and cc it to the DM.  I think I’ll take the dogs for a bike ride before work.  I wonder why J’s web site was so hard to find.  Could it have been any more obscure?  Maybe since I have 3 days off in a row after today I’ll devote one of them to sending out more queries just so I don’t lose my momentum.  There’s a cardinal in the tree out there.  I wonder if I have another table cloth to put on this table.  B spilled coffee all over this one.  Not that it wasn’t stained already.  It’s quite peaceful out here.  I hear birds chirping and traffic noise.  The distant hum of the A/C.  Squirrels chattering.  B said Maggie killed a squirrel yesterday.  I really feel like taking dogs for a bike ride.  I know why I sort of resist journaling.  It’s inactive SITTING and it feels as if there’s no real result from it.  Whether it may be helping me or not.  Who can tell.  I am so lucky.  I wish I could have got mascara and the Lancome free gift.

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