My Vein, My Blood -14


I have about an hour before I have to go to work.  So much for my quiet morning with my blueberry oatmeal!  The peace and tranquility were just shattered by a wail from D.  Fleuree peed in her bed and diarrheaed on her floor.  So D says she’s gotten no sleep because the dog was up all night.  Evidently it’s got a bug of some sort.  I woke up grateful.  That ordering of “my” noodles by Publix just blows me away.  Yesterday was good day.  Took a long walk with D.  Gotta go shower.


I am feeling quite blessed today.  D seems to have got a job after a pretty brief interview.  I hope that works out.  B is being exceptionally cooperative and easygoing even overcoming his skepticism about mangosteen to drink it on his own without me pouring it out and setting it in front of him.  Gosh I was tired today.  The thing about Publix ordering those noodles still just blows me away.  We walked the dogs and it was just beautiful out.  The sky so blue and clear.  The green-topped pine trees set against them.  I didn’t go to Publix today because B said we could eat something we had here.  We don’t have much!  We each had a jumbo deli hot dog.  He had a baked potato.  We both ate chips.  I ate a whole thing of Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese.  Oink.  Oink.  I’m so excited to see C and D and S next weekend.  Three of my favorite people.  I need to get flea stuff for Fleuree and take movies back.  I got $43 in tips today.  I’ll have to go get mine from 5th Ave.  Sometime this week.  I was going to start doing my big-print crosswords I got from Dad for Christmas but I’ll still have to use my glasses to look things up in the dictionary.  It was so cold in the house when I got home from work.  62 degrees.  It was warmer outside.  Last I looked it was 67 in here.  Supposed to be 53 tonight.  75 tomorrow.  I wish I could get rid of F’s fleas.  Maybe I’ll put salt in her kennel.  Maybe I’ll take a bath tonight.  I need to redo my toenails.  The polish from the pedicure lasted a long time I must say.  Wonder if it’s the base coat they use?  I should see if Sally carries it.  I wasted a lot of time today but I also wrote.  I don’t know if what I wrote is any good but the basic idea is on the page and I can fix it later.  Pacing might be a problem, however.  I know this isn’t quite 3 pages, but I’m done for now. 


I have nothing to say!  How am I to fill three pages?  M ran out of gas on his way back from EMT school today.  His first day—orientation.  He was on Alligator Alley.  I hope AAA got there before too long.  I was awfully tired after work today.  I took a late nap.  Didn’t get up until 6 p.m. which probably means I won’t be able to go to bed very early tonight and I have to open tomorrow.  Got another rejection letter today.  Need to send out queries to editors also.  I vowed to do that after the first of the year but of course I went back to working on Annie and didn’t query any more on the Kaylee book.  I am not really looking forward to the drive to Orlando.  C will be leaving soon which means I’ll have less time to study him.  I saw pictures of P’s coffee shop in Ft. Myers.  It looks pretty cool although I can’t imagine roasting beans on the premises.  I wonder how they do that?  I should know that I guess.  I really don’t care.  There’s only so much information I can retain.  I’m glad that T figured out I’ve no interest in being a shift supervisor and he didn’t bring it up in my review.  Not like I’ve made any secret of it.  When can I go get my tips at 5th?  Maybe Thursday morning?  I don’t have to go to work until 1.  I probably shouldn’t try to do my pages when I’m watching TV.  Okay, I’ll mute Jeopardy and see how much I can get done on the commercials and intros.  There’s L in Shell Point commercial.  I need to get my act together and check on the weather in Orlando for the weekend so I can decide what to wear.  I wonder if the salt worked on the fleas?  It doesn’t seem like Fleuree is quite so itchy and bitey.  I still need to get her flea stuff to put on her. Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow.  Ok.  Close enough to 3 pages.  I’m done.

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