Mission Impossible meets Pretty Woman

Mission Impossible meets Pretty Woman


A ready-to-retire spy creates a bizarre arrangement with a down-on-her-luck waitress and reluctantly agrees to one last mission in order to shut down a secret Central American mine and rescue her kidnapped brother from the thieves.

Author Barbara MeyersI never had a plan about creating a writing career. Thirty years ago, after I threw a recently finished romance novel across the room and declared, “I can write better than that,” I started writing.

I had no idea where it was going. In truth, I had no idea what I was doing. Writing made me happy so I wrote and wrote and wrote. And wrote some more.

It honestly didn’t matter to me that agents and editors sent me regular notifications of disinterest. I kept writing.

Like all naïve authors I thought if I can just sell one book, I’ll be happy.

Let me tell you, no you won’t. You’ll want a bigger audience and you’ll want to share more of your stories.

The Manuscripts Under the Bed project began because even though I did sell a few of my stories and had them published, I still had several stories that weren’t published hiding under the guest room bed. They weren’t going to see the light of day unless I brought them out and sent them out into the universe.

Phantom is the first of the Manuscripts Under the Bed. It’s an over-the-top action/adventure/romance story. It’s acceptable to be over-the-top in action/adventure film franchises like Mission Impossible, Die Hard, Jason Bourne etc., so why not Phantom?

Readers want something different (so I hear). Phantom won’t be like anything else you’ve read. I call it Mission Impossible meets Pretty Woman, but even that isn’t an accurate description.

Right now it’s available for pre-order priced at 99¢, so it won’t cost you much to determine if you really do want to read something different. Below is the blurb and the buy links. Reviews are always welcome, of course. Happy Reading!

P.S. Can you tell? I still don’t have a plan.


Barbara Meyers

A desperate woman. A disillusioned spy. A doomed mission.

Zoe Bradford will do anything to find her brother Ben, a missing missionary in Latin America. Even if it means sleeping with an anonymous stranger in order to finance a rescue mission.

Covert operative Aaron Manning doesn’t believe a “normal” life is possible for him. But the bizarre arrangement he creates with Zoe makes him more determined to step out of the shadows permanently in order to achieve his dream.

Zoe wants to believe in Aaron’s promise to save Ben, but she finds it impossible to fully trust him. When she blunders into the carefully orchestrated op, her interference nearly kills them all.

Aaron must fake his own death to start a new life, but Zoe still needs answers. And when her phantom lover makes contact again, a pregnant Zoe knows the only way to move forward is to learn his true identity.

When she discovers the man she’s in love with and the phantom who duped her are one and the same, will she be willing to forgive them both?

BUY LINKS: https://books2read.com/u/bpEeMq


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