Letting Go: Writing, Rewriting, Revising, Editing

I’ve agonized over every word. I’ve spent a year revising and rewriting White Roses in Winter. It’s been beta read, lightly edited and professionally edited. Fellow writers have dissected and rewritten the blurb. The cover artist has probably ripped his hair out in frustration after all the changes I made him do.

Writing the book truly is the easy part. I breezed through writing the original version of this book many years ago. The original version sucked, but the story idea was sound. Wasn’t it? A year ago I was about to find out.

What I discovered is writing truly is a journey. The more I wrote (rewrote) the more involved I became with the story. The deeper I went with the characters. I tried to do more than skim the surface. I’d been getting that “you have to go deeper” message in numerous ways.

I held my breath while the beta reader I trust the most read it. When she said she liked it, I knew I had something. When she said it reminded her of some of Colleen Hoover’s books, I was shocked. Colleen Hoover is the queen of new adult novels. That’s the other thing my favorite beta reader told me. This falls into the “new adult” category of romance, simply by virtue of the age of the characters.

Then came more editing and tortuous proofreading. Creating back matter and grateful acknowledgments. Deciding on a price.

Skimming through the uploaded files for the ebook and print versions, I discover typos and spacing errors. How did I miss them? I read the entire book aloud during proofreading.

“Her looked down at Jason’s toes.”

“Town house.” Shouldn’t that be “townhouse?”

Finally, today, it’s time to let go. If there are still errors, I’m going to live with them. I will contact reviewers and bloggers and beg everyone who reads my book to review it. If I priced the book incorrectly, if the categories and keywords are wrong, if my beloved book falls flat on its face, I will survive.

I can only do what I can do and I can only write what’s in me to write. I’m not perfect and neither is my book.

But I’m ready to let it go.

White Roses in Winter will be available for purchase everywhere November 1, 2017

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