Kissing Freedom Goodbye

Welcome Guest Blogger MATT MEYERS

Matt is a 27-year-old who lives in Southwest Florida and works as a manager in the hospitality industry.

If our elected officials listened to us, this health care bill would have been dead long ago. I am fearful that they will pass this, and it will be disastrous for the country on so many levels. Did you see Obama’s interview on Fox? First time he’s thrown out the “double dip recession” line. And now they are thinking about taking a look at some tax cuts for small business so they can hire immediately. Hey idiot…that’s what conservatives were saying all along! This stimulus package was about the worst idea ever and can’t be executed at all. Yet, they can fix healthcare?

As I’ve said before this has nothing to do with helping people or fixing healthcare. It is about power and redistribution of wealth. They are creating a 51/49 dynamic where you have the provider class and the recipient class. It’s all right there in Rules for Radicals – which is the playbook. It is beyond me how so many Americans are naïve enough to think these people actually want to help them and for that matter how many Americans see the Federal Gov’t as a necessary force in their lives.

I fear that we may never recover from this with the policies (monetary, social, environmental) that are being put in place. I do believe that unemployment will hit 12% eventually, and with greater tax burdens, regulations, etc. we will not be able to sustain ourselves as a super power or a free country. I am hoping that I can keep my job long enough to get my degree, because I will not be in this country should it go the way I believe it will.

Here’s what really bothers me…this is NOT the America I was raised in. No longer do we have a Ronald Reagan who believes in the spirit of Americans and their ability and talent. No longer do we have a government that recognizes its Constitutional limits. No longer do they truly believe in a free market system. That is not the country I love, not the country I was raised in…and NOT the country I will raise my children in. I refuse to let them see an America that runs that way.

I don’t know if you know who Art Laffer is, but he was Reagan’s chief economic advisor and a brilliant man. He says if he had a long weekend he could undo all of this. God I wish he was going to get the chance.

They say Repubs have no ideas or solutions. Here’s what I’d do tomorrow if I could:

  1. Cut the corporate tax rate to 10% – match the lowest in the world and keep jobs and companies here.
  2. Cut payroll taxes in half for at least 3 years.
  3. Cut capital gains to zero for at least one year – no higher than 10% after that.
  4. Close the border once and for all – put illegals with something to offer on a path to citizenship and ship the rest out.
  5. I’d start drilling for oil in ANWAR – as well as clean coal technology, nuclear power plants, wind and solar.
  7. I would privatize social security – or at least give individuals the opportunity to not participate.
  8. I would cut the federal government size to pre-Great Depression levels and gives States their sovereignty back.

If reading this makes a difference for one person it’s a success. Yes, it is sad and depressing because we’re watching our country slip away under a socialist smiley face. And, you don’t hear any Republicans actually speaking from the heart and telling it like it is. They just reiterate talking points, with no details or solutions. And it’s sad that people like Ron Paul are made to be pariahs when what they are saying has validity and logic behind it. The problem is that those in Congress on both sides do not want to relinquish power, and when someone is advocating following the Constitution by definition that means smaller government, hence less power. If they really wanted fairness, they’d be all for the FairTax, but that’s not really what they want. You could get rid of the IRS, talk about reducing the scope of government!

If they offered Landreau $100M to get the vote, they’ll just do the same for Lincoln and Nelson. And why not, we have money to throw around right? Of course, when we get into inflation or hyperinflation, that $100M will only be worth $30M. I’m sure it’s deficit neutral though.

It is obvious to me that the left – whether Lib or Blue Dog – are not going to vote based on what their constituency wants. This bill is strongly opposed by nearly every demographic, but they will ram it down our throats because we’re just stupid peons who don’t know what’s best for us. We just need to let the government take care of us, don’t worry about a thing. There’s the smiley face again! Interesting that when you look past the initial 10 years of the bill, the cost triples. I am sure we can afford that, let’s cut Medicare for seniors and transfer that to young people and illegals and the poor. Aren’t the poor already covered under Medicaid? And illegals have no rights as citizens? Regardless, health insurance is not a right and is not Constitutional to begin with. But, the Constitution is a relic anyway right? We need to be more like the Europeans, cause they’re so great! Never mind that they’d all be Nazi’s if it weren’t for us, because we defended FREEDOM! Never mind that the relative peace of the last 60 years is because of the US and its people.

We used to hold our founding principles near and dear, we used to know that freedom wasn’t free. We knew it would need to be defended. We just never knew we’d have to defend it from within.  Actually this is exactly what the Founders feared. The crossroads is here, and education is the key. Many in my generation haven’t the slightest clue, hell they can’t wait for their $600 stimulus check. I’m sure the education system run by the Left has a little something to do with this!

If only we could afford to sink our time and energy into actually fighting for the things we believe in. Unfortunately, we have jobs (if we’re lucky) and we can’t. Hard to know we have very few advocates on the inside. Our only chance is to reject at every turn every politician who advocates larger government in any terms. I will not vote for anyone who does whole heartedly support freedom and the American people. If you do not hold the Constitution sacred I will not support you. No longer will I vote for the lesser of two evils. I will vote for a third party candidate if it will disrupt blue and red. I will educate myself and I will question you if you do not represent your constituents. Government works for us, and every bit of soft tyranny is that much more freedom lost.

Your 51/49 dynamic will not last, because innovators and those with talent will flock to freedom. You will lose your precious provider class, and you will be left with a country in ruin. No one to take from, and nothing but poverty, misery, and government control over once free human beings. It will be sad to watch the decay of a once great people.

One of my favorite management philosophies is this; you get what you accept. It applies to government too. If you accept what is happening, then you’ll get what you deserve. Unfortunately, those of us who don’t accept it will be long gone.


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