Is This My Scattered Moments Blurb?

A picture is worth a thousand regrets… Scarred by childhood abandonment, Amanda Heinrich is trapped by vows she made to her husband, Martin, her child and herself. Even after she meets her soulmate, Hart Michaelson, she sees no escape from the life she’s created.
While she fights her connection to Hart, her focus drifts from her marriage leaving Martin open to seduction by a woman Amanda considers a friend. Photographer Lyla Decker has an agenda all her own and a camera trained to do her dirty work.
When Hart is accused of murder, photographs surface to tell their own version of the truth: Martin was not the honorable man he was believed to be, nor does Hart and Amanda’s relationship appear at all innocent.
Every choice Amanda has made is cast in a sinister light and Hart’s freedom, as well as her own, hinges on her ability to expose a deranged killer’s secrets.
A camera may capture scattered moments in time. Soulmates capture each other for life.”

Don’t get me started on the angst of writing a blurb. Usually it isn’t such a struggle, but for some reason I can’t encapsulize the gist of Scattered Moments in a few simple sentences. I can say it’s about a married woman who meets her soulmate thirteen years too late, which it is, but there’s so much more to the story. Here are some of my other blurb attempts:

Lonely wife of a wealthy man… Amanda Heinrich sold herself short when she married Martin thirteen years ago. Left with the scars of abandonment by her own mother, she swore she’d be a better wife, mother and woman. She vows to honor her commitments to husband and child.
Wakes at the touch of a carpenter’s hand…When Amanda meets Hart Michaelson she discovers her soulmate and what it means to be truly connected to another human being. Amanda fears retribution from her husband which will devastate her daughter and Hart.
Scattered moments, prying eyes… Amanda and Hart’s innocent encounters are secretly photographed by someone Amanda considers a friend. Those images, along with ones of Martin in compromising positions, become damning evidence when Hart becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
Abandoned lover now despised…Amanda and Hart must expose the photographer as the murderer.

And then there’s this:

Amanda Heinrich meets Hart Michaelson and instinctively knows he is her soulmate. She is forced to examine every choice she’s made, including her thirteen-year marriage to a man who barely notices her. She can no longer deny her role in creating her discontent with the life she thought she wanted. The vows she made to herself long ago may no longer be valid.
Meanwhile, someone Amanda considers a friend lures stuffy Martin Heinrich into an affair by offering him a taste of deviant sexual experiences.
Mysterious photographs of Hart and Amanda’s innocent encounters as well as compromising pictures of Martin begin to surface after a murdered body is discovered on the Heinrich’s property. The images cast a sinister light on Amanda’s relationship with both men, forcing her to confront her guilt and regret. When Hart is accused of the crime, Amanda must save him if she is to save herself.
She and Hart must expose the unseen photographer as the murderer before Hart is convicted. In doing so, Amanda becomes the woman she always wanted to be: A woman deserving of love from a man who’s always known who she really is.

At the moment I’m not thrilled with any of them and even less thrilled with the one that appears on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ve been back and forth with a couple of critiquing friends who’ve given helpful feedback, but one of the wonderful things about being an independently published author is, it’s up to me.

Can’t I just say, “This is probably the best book I’ve ever written. Read it. You’ll love it?”

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  1. No! I get to say it!! This is the BEST book you have ever written!!!

  2. Thanks, Tara. Maybe you should write the blurb!

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