Interesting Headlines

What’s the most interesting news headline you saw today?  Bonus: Do you read the news every day? Or do you find it not worth your time? Why?


I think the only headline I saw today was while I was in Red Brick Pizza waiting for my pizza and CNN was on the television with sound muted.  Discussion was about Israeli P. M. Netanyahu meeting with President Obama to discuss borders being reassigned on 1967 agreement.  Mr. Netanyahu was none too pleased with this idea.

I wouldn’t say that’s the most interesting headline I saw today, but it’s the only one.  I don’t read the newspaper every day.  I rarely read it, in fact.  I am not a fan of our local newspaper, but it’s the only game in town.  Most of the stories are from AP or lifted from other newspapers with a larger circulation.  I get the Neapolitan section so I can do the Suduko puzzle.  In fact, I’ve trained my husband (who reads the newspaper from cover to cover) to pull that section out and it’s usually on the table waiting for me by the time coffee’s ready.  My friend Lynn taught me how to do Suduko about a year ago and I both love and hate her for doing so.  I used to do the crossword puzzle every day but I got bored with it.

Suduko is in the same section as Dear Abby, Doctor Gott, the comics and the want ads.  Some days I look at those and/or read them.  This is how I know there aren’t very many jobs advertised, Abby and Gott are still dispensing words of wisdom and Mallard Fillmore has some timely comment to make.  Some days it takes me all day to do the Suduko.  Some days I can’t do it.  Friday is supposed to have the hardest puzzle but for some reason I can never do the Monday puzzle.

Sadly, I rely heavily on my husband to outline the news highlights for me.  He’s good about pulling out an obituary when someone I know dies or putting the article in front of me when someone we know is arrested or indicted.

It isn’t that the news isn’t worth my time or that I’m not interested.  I prefer television news.  It’s timely and it’s quicker.  I do try to limit my intake of news, however.  There isn’t much I can do about any of it.   Haven’t you noticed most of it is negative, sad, salacious and/or depressing? 

Now you know why I write books with happy endings.

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