I’m Trying to Sell BOOKS Here!

February 4, 2017

I’m at the car show craft sale with all my books. I think my table looks cluttered. Maybe I need to edit. But I’m not sure I care enough. Buy. Don’t buy. I have no control over it. It’s never bad to spend time just talking to people who pass by. Plus I haven’t done morning pages in three days.

I have a long conversation with a lady who works at a boutique in Cinderella’s Castle. People who sell honey and eggs on K-ville Road are at the table across from me.  I don’t see too much selling going on but it’s only 9:30. I am tempted to buy some of that REAL honey. It’s $5 for the smallest one – ½ lb.Halfway through I may drop prices and put my 2 for $15 sign out.

One woman told me she likes Jodi Picoult. Another told me Debbie Macomber is her favorite author. I need to do my to-do list for the year. I’ve sold two books. It’s 10 a.m. And those were to Kathy who’s bought every one of my books. I’ve covered my $20 donation for the table at least. I’m glad I had pretty low expectations.

Is $10 per book unreasonable? That’s equivalent to two Venti white mochas at Starbucks. A movie in the theatre costs almost as much. But these senior citizens probably aren’t going to movies. Or buying white mochas.

I forget to ask if people want to sign up for my newsletter. Ok. Got one. I also forget to offer Hershey Kisses.

I brought a cut up apple with me to snack on.

“I don’t have time to read. I wish I did.” Translation: “I don’t make time to read because it isn’t a priority for me.”

$45 so far. It’s almost 11.

Inane conversations you have at booksignings:

“How’s your book doing?” Asks woman passing by.

Me: “Good.”

Her: “Good.” She keeps walking.

At least no one’s asked me where the bathroom is yet.

11:30 is the halfway mark. That’s when the 2 for $15 sign comes out.

Tee shirts I see: This is only a drill. (Picture of a drill.) Geriatric Park (Jurassic Park logo)

I can’t believe I brought an apple. It is NOT satisfying me.

I should put up a sign: “Please come and talk to me. I’m bored.”

Being here makes me want to sit up straight and stop eating crap. And exercise more.

Somebody tells me she has one chapter of A MONTH FROM MIAMI left to read. Said she loved it. 🙂

Someone else says, “I never buy books. I have 500 free books on my iPad courtesty of BookBub.” (Thanks Bookbub)


Hours spent: 6

Cost: $10 but it’s for charity so I gave $20

Food consumed: one apple. (I decide vegetarians must eat all the time.)

Books sold: 8

Purchases made: honey – $5; honey lotion – $2

Free stuff acquired: package of milk bath from honey lady

Gross profit: $43 (After I deduct what I paid for the books I probably made 12¢.

= $7.17/hour. (And that doesn’t include the cumulative number of hours I spent actually writing and editing the books for which I earned nothing.)

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