If your house were on fire, what would you grab first?

Not that we want anything to happen to your home. As far as we know it’s perfectly safe and nice. But if it did, and you only had a minute to run in and grab some things, what would you take?  #postaweek2011

 I didn’t have to think about this too long.  Let’s assume my husband is able to escape on his own and take the dog with him.

The first thing I’d grab is my laptop which is usually upstairs on the desk by the bed.  And from the desk drawer there I’d grab my jump drives.  I finally learned to keep them all in the same place because I kept misplacing one or the other of them.  Different stuff is backed up on each one, so I like to think if necessary, I could reconstruct most of my writing projects from them.

How much time have I got left?

Next thing I’d go for is my purse because it’s a pain to replace everything in there.

And in the time I have left, I’d race into the office and try to grab every zip drive and CD I have which also contain backups of my work.

Although there are a ton of things in my house I would miss if I lost them in a disaster, most of them can be replaced and most of them aren’t all that important to me.

What I can’t replace are the husband and the dog and every brilliant word I’ve already bled into my computer memory via the keyboard and (I hope) backed up somewhere.

While I like to think I’d be calm and cool enough to follow this outline what would probably happen is I would grab the vacuum cleaner and some dirty laundry and barely get out the door before the house falls down.



  1. What? No pictures?? 🙂

  2. Cathy, I thought of you as I wrote that. I hardly ever look at the pictures I have and haven’t added any to albums in ages. So many recent ones are online now, they’d be accessible. The important people in my life live in my memory. I enjoy photographs, but I’m not as attached to them as I am to my brilliant prose!! 🙂

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