Hider in the House. Episode 2

The very last thing I should be doing is begin work on something new, but since I have, I’m going to share it here on the blog as I’m writing it. This is my second try at this scene. Keep in mind this is a very rough draft. Hider in the House continued…

HIH2 2ndtry

The second he heard the lock click, Tom Purdue shoved the door back, driving the occupant off balance and into the vanity. He got her in a choke hold, the gun at her temple.  In the mirror’s reflection he stared at the red-haired female who stared back at him. He didn’t know what or who he’d expected to be on the other side of his bathroom door, but surely it hadn’t been her. He tried to take her in all at once, but it proved too much so he focused on her eyes. They were an unusual shade of blue, reminding him of the way the sky sometimes looked just before a storm. And her hair wasn’t red exactly. It was that darker hue, a mix of mahogany and deep auburn. There were no freckles. At least none that he could see.

No one would ever describe her as fragile or delicate, that was for sure. She felt pretty damn sturdy, and not one to back down in a fight.

“I don’t see a phone,” she said dryly. Her gaze flickered to the gun. “And that’s not a Colt 45.”

“Sorry you fell for the bluff?”

“That depends. Are you going to shoot me?”

“I’m keeping my options open.” Although she was probably far from harmless, Tom decided he’d done enough of a threat assessment. He clicked the safety back on his snub nose 38 and lowered it at the same time he loosened his hold on her. But he wasn’t quite ready to let go.

“Funny. So am I.”

“You think you have options?”

“Not really. But it’s kind of a relief you know I’m here. Otherwise I’d have to spend all weekend trying to hide from you.”

“Is that what you’ve been doing? Hiding from me?”

“Just since Tuesday afternoon.”

“How…?  Why…?” Tom couldn’t recall ever feeling so out of his depth. He must be losing his edge. All those years as a cop and this woman had outwitted him for more than two days. In his own home!

“I can explain.”

“I damn well hope so.” He looked her over again. She wore a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a loose gray top. Her feet were bare and he didn’t totally dislike the way her back felt pressed up against his front.

There’s a woman in my bathroom and I don’t know why. I don’t know how she got in here. I don’t know why I’m standing here staring at her. Having a conversation with her.

His gut told him she was trouble. She had to be. She’d been hiding in his house. For two days! But his head said this is by far the most interesting thing that’s happened to you for awhile. And then it asked what else have you got to do today? Pay bills, he answered silently. Hit the gym and then the grocery store. Maybe the gun range. Watch football. Alone. Facetime with Becca before she went to bed.

“Spread your legs.”

Those eyes of her looked thunderous. “What!”

 “Spread ‘em. Arms too.”

Using his, he nudged her feet apart and placed her hands on either side of the sink. “Keep em there.” He warned as he ran his hand along her torso.

“This really isn’t necessary,” she growled.

He gave her reflection a split second of his attention before he bent and ran his hands over her left leg, the way he’d learned to as a rookie a hundred or so years ago. “Of course it is. You’re an intruder in my residence. I’m well within my rights to determine whether or not you’re armed.”

“If I was, don’t you think you’d know it by now?”

Her logic appealed to him. But damned if he’d tell her that. He switched gun hands and did a nice thorough frisk of her right side, leaving no doubt that the only weapon she had was a killer body.

“Look, you want to explain? Fine by me. As long as I’m sure you don’t have a knife or a gun or any other weapon on you.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What’s next? A strip search?”

He tamped down the mental image that question conjured. The woman was no stranger to working out. And there were some serious curves under those clothes. But he wasn’t a cretin. “Nice of you to offer. But you can keep your clothes on. For now.”

She raised an eyebrow. He had no idea why he’d added “for now.” Just messing with her, he guessed. God, this was the most interesting Saturday morning he’d had in quite some time. He didn’t want to think what a sad commentary that was on his current life.

“Satisfied?” she asked. He had the uncomfortable feeling that she could see right through him.

“Not by a long shot.” Double entendres? Really? Already?

From the kitchen he heard the beep of his coffeemaker. Maybe this entire scenario would start to make sense with the addition of caffeine.

But he sincerely doubted it.

Stay tuned for more. Just as soon as I write it. 🙂

©Barbara Meyers 2017

Hider in the House is a work in progress I’m sharing with readers as I’m writing it. This material is copyrighted and is not to be copied but these blog posts may be shared. 



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