God’s Grace

God’s Grace

From My Journal


What if we met everything with God’s grace? Instead of anger. Instead of backing away or tuning out when someone mistreats us or lashes out at us. What if we came back with God’s grace every single time? If we saw the struggle that is behind their behavior. Their own lack of grace and faith that made them behave that way.

No one’s life is without struggle whether you’re a believer or not. Not everyone around you believes as you do. Not everyone is saved. Not everyone has had the opportunity to know that they can be saved.

We may all feel lost at times, but those without faith are more lost. Isn’t it up to us to demonstrate God’s grace to them? Especially when they don’t deserve it. What we should feel for them is pity rather than annoyance, anger or frustration and disappointment.

It may not be our job to save them. But God has no hands but ours.  It is our job to demonstrate His love to those who feel lost to it. They may be so mired down in sin they won’t recognize we’re demonstrating God’s grace. But God knows what we’re doing. We’re doing His work, as we are called to do. And we can leave it there and allow him to do the rest. Because with God all things are possible.

When you don’t respond in the way they think they deserve, they may begin to wonder why. They may be drawn to find out the answer.

All you have to do is your part. You don’t have to forgive the unrepentant. You don’t have to allow others to hurt you or abuse you. You don’t have to be in relationship with them. No matter what they do, all you have to do is meet their behavior with grace. God’s grace.

You can rest easy knowing you did what He wants you to do.


  1. Charlene Collins

    Oh Barbara, I so needed this. You are amazing,and thank you for this affirmation.love you! Char

    • Char, Our conversation yesterday partially inspired this, so thank you for the inspiration! You were on my mind when I was writing it.

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