Fiscal Cliff My Ass

I am so sick of hearing about the fiscal cliff and paying my fair share.  I’ve paid my fair share, okay?  My whole life, I’ve paid my taxes.  Whatever was withheld and then some.  I’ve never asked for or needed government assistance.  I WORKED, okay?  My husband WORKED.  My kids WORK.  They pay their bills and that includes health insurance, or they go without.  So don’t tell me I didn’t pay my fair share.

Fiscal cliff?  Gee, what caused that?  Government spending.  They want to raise taxes to provide more revenue because they’ve run out of money.  Only problem with that scenario is the more money they rake in in taxes the more money they waste.  The ONLY reason for the federal government to raise taxes is so it can spend more money.  This is a case of physician heal thyself.  The federal government will never stop raising taxes to pay bills it creates.  When’s the last time you heard about cutting spending?  Or getting rid of duplicate government programs?  Maybe you heard about it in conjunction with sequestering which is when the government forces itself to make arbitrary budget cuts, probably because they didn’t raise taxes quickly enough to cover the expenses of a certain department. 

Idiots!  The only reason taxes go up is to increase the size of government.  Does anyone understand anything about how the economy works?  Think about this:  WHY does the government need to grow any more?  My reply is, “it doesn’t.” 

Raise taxes on the wealthy because they don’t pay enough in taxes.  I have heard this so many times I’m ready to puke.  This is something I actually understand because I am married to a man who worked fifty-hour weeks for thirty-plus years.  He/we made investments.  Look at it this way:  You get a paycheck.  Part of your gross income is removed from it off the top to pay for federal income taxes.  At the high end of the tax bracket you might be paying 35%.  More than a third of what you earned is gone.  If you get a bonus, it’s taxed.  If you use some of your net pay (remember you’ve already paid federal income tax) to buy stock (invest in a U.S. company that provides jobs for workers) and then you later sell that stock, you are taxed (again) if you made a profit (capital gains) of 15%.  If you die, your estate (all the wealth/property you accumulated by working hard and investing) is TAXED AGAIN at something like 50%.  Who does this affect the most?  The wealthy.  The people who worked hard, created businesses of their own perhaps, the ones who provided jobs for the rest of us, the ones who are ALREADY PAYING THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of taxes.  Yes, let’s penalize them AGAIN for being successful.  

If that doesn’t take away the motivation for anyone to work hard, acquire wealth, be successful, live the “American Dream” I don’t know what does.  Why should you?  Why should anyone when the federal government will come in and take it all away from you in one form or another? 

Meanwhile, how many?  Let’s all say it together:  47% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax.  They are the takers, some of them living on entitlement programs from cradle to grave.  Why not when citizens like you and me, along with the federal government make it so easy for them?

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