Everyday Poetry -1

Recently, I’ve begun to write poetry.  I don’t know where the inspiration comes from, but Dr. Seuss-like rhyming schemes appear in my head in short, quick bursts.  If I don’t write them down quickly, I forget them.  They are about odd, everyday subjects ranging from the frustration of being a writer to a young co-worker’s anecdotes about overindulging in alcohol. 

Below are the first few lines from a few of my poems inspired by everyday life situations:

TIME PASSES © 2010 by Barbara Meyers

 We waste much of our time on things so small

Mindless TV or browsing the mall

The hours pass and soon it’s a day

We wasted it and time slipped away…

PITCH © 2010 by Barbara Meyers

I’m at a conference and ready to pitch.

I’m nervous with sweat and I’ve started to itch.

I’ve practiced and practiced and practiced my query.

But I had no idea it would still be so scary. 

There’s only one editor and one agent here.

Maybe I’ll skip it and go have a beer…

The Perfect Storm © 2010 by Barbara Meyers 

I’m completely exhausted, I work too much

Too many things to do, errands and such. 

It’s that time of the month, that time of day.

Look at me wrong, there’ll be hell to pay. 

I didn’t have lunch, my blood sugar’s low.

Push me over the edge, out the door you go…


NO MORE NAPS © 2010 by Barbara Meyers 

No more naps for me,

I’m a serious writer you see. 

I can no longer be lazy,

Lest my words become hazy. 

I have no agent or editor yet.

One day soon though I’m willing to bet…


DRINKING  © 2010 by Barbara Meyers 

When I drink so much I nearly fall off my stool,

I must maintain my dignity, lest I look like a fool. 

Somehow I manage to weave across the floor.

And if my luck holds, get to the restroom door. 

If a stall is open and there’s a toilet bowl clear,

I bow down in thanks and toss up my beer. 

Then it’s back to the bar I must go.

It’s still “happy” hour, don’t you know… 

That’s a sample of a few of them.  Oh, believe me, I’ve got more, so stay tuned.  There is virtually no market for them, or at least not that I’ve been able to find.  If you know of one, please pass it along.  I’ve been trying to think how I could “sell” them.  A subscription of some sort?  99¢ a year?  And I’d just add new ones whenever I write them? 

For a non-techie like me, that’s a challenge.  I don’t even know if it’s possible.  But I’m investigating, because I think they’re entertaining and fun and meant to be shared.  I’m just not sure what the most effective way is to share them. 

One thing I have discovered is the few paying poetry markets won’t consider work if it’s been published elsewhere.  Anywhere.  Anything posted  on my web site www.barbmeyers.com is considered “published.”  On there are two I wrote back in the 1990’s.  Never even considered trying to get them published or that there might be a market for them. 

I guess I’m stuck doing what lots of other writers are doing these days:  Creating my own market for my work!

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