Covid 19 Vaccine: A Bonding Experience?

Covid 19 Vaccine: A Bonding Experience?


If one more random guy asks me if I’ve had my Covid vaccine, I’m going to ask him how his prostate exam went. This happened the other day and I replied, “Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t.” You know why? Because my medical procedures/history is none of his damn business. Is this what we’re doing now? Did you have the vaccine? Moderna or Pfizer? J & J? Sore arm? Side effects? How? When? Where? And if you didn’t get the vaccine or don’t plan to? Plan on being vaccine shamed. Oh, you’re an anti-vaxxer. Must be a Trump supporter.

It was one thing when we were bonding over our shared experiences as a result of the pandemic at the beginning. We came together to bond over job loss, toilet paper shortages or the experience of getting the virus or our loved ones having it or dying from it. In some way, perhaps these shared experiences united us. Or some of us. But in other ways it divided us and made us paranoid. Who was hoarding all that toilet paper? Who was walking the wrong way down the arrow-marked aisles in the supermarkets? Or horror of horrors, who was even back then, not wearing a mask? Obviously those people were trying to kill us or had a death wish of their own.

We were told we should “follow the science.”

That’s what the government did or was trying to do. But the science seemed to keep changing, and we quickly learned we couldn’t trust most of it because even the scientists didn’t understand the virus or how to advise us. “Better to be safe than sorry” seemed to be the best they could come up with. Well, duh!

But we are Americans who are used to our freedom to do exactly what we want as long as we aren’t endangering others. And I think I speak for the majority of the country when I say we are sick to death of wearing masks. Tired of our children not being educated. Appalled at the massive amount of money the federal government has spent and plans to spend in the name of the pandemic.

Further, I imagine many of us are also dismayed at the number of immigrants pouring over our border who have Covid, who are spreading it and not being tested, who are then given the rights many Americans don’t even have.

Meanwhile the government bumbles along still uttering that useless “follow the science” catchphrase that few of us believe. Continue to take precautions even though you’ve had the vaccine. Then what good is the vaccine? No wonder there are still so many anti-vaxxers. You can discard the mask out of doors (as long as you’re not within six feet of anyone else). Yeah, right. That mask comes off as soon as I set foot outside.

The fact that the vaccines have not been approved (except for emergency use) by any official government agency may give some pause. After such a short testing time, can you believe anything we’re told about the vaccines? Most people end up with a sore arm. But others have some truly unpleasant side effects. How do you decide what’s best when the government and the scientists can’t simply admit they don’t know? No one does.

Although, for a lot of reasons, I’m philosophically opposed to the vaccine, one thing I did was my own research from several sources. What’s actually in that vaccine? What’s it meant to do? Doing this mitigated most of the horrific rumors that were circulated about the vaccines in the beginning. After that, I made the best decision for myself that I could based on the information I had at the time. That’s all any of us can do.

But it’s nobody else’s business. Just as I don’t share my latest Pap smear results, I don’t feel compelled to share my vaccine experience or lack thereof. It’s part of my medical history, and you don’t need to know about it. Let’s find some other way to bond.


  1. Oh Barbara,you definatley have a awesome way of lifting spirits,and getting me laughing. 💕 Your sense of humor and your way with words,had me falling off the couch. Walt liked the part about asking the guy about the prostate testing. Love you my friend, Char

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