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I have a screenplay writing workbook that I use sometimes to help me define my characters, but I always wondered who I’d be if I were a character in a book.  So based on some of the character development questions asked in the workbook, I’m going to turn myself into a character for you.

Name:  Barbara Meyers

Age:  Old enough to be considered a Baby Boomer

Height:  5’5”

Ethnicity:  Lily White

Male or Female:  Uh, female.

Nickname:  Barb

Hairstyle:  Short

Eyewear:  Cheaters required for fine print.

Complexion:  Gorgeous

Eye Color:   Hazel

Hair Color:   Brownish going gray

Weight/Bodyshape:  Although I have moments when I can fit into a Size 8 I’m basically a Size 10, how’s that?

Emotional Level:  Mature, yet often childish

Occupation:  Fiction writer, Starbucks barista/shift supervisor

Income:       Minute

Location:     Southwest Florida

Transportation:      Mazda 3 hatchback—I love it!  Do you know how much stuff you can put in the back of one of those?

Marital Status:  Oh, so married.

Children:  Two, one boy, one girl, both grown.

Pets:  My poor black lab mix, Pepper, who constantly gives me reproachful looks because I don’t give her enough attention.  But she’s extremely well trained, is quiet and polite and I can take her for walks while I ride a bike.  She’s a doll.

Favorite Music Style:  Classic Rock and Top 40.  Of  late, my 3 favorite songs are Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, The Pierces You’ll Be Mine and Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina’s Stereo Love.

Best Friend:  Cathy.  She has five daughters and homeschooled them all.  And she’s very big in the Creative Memories company.  She scrapbooked way before it became the craze it is now.

Why:  Because she always got me.  Plus, the first time I went to her house she had an open bag of Cheetos and a Coke on her desk.  I thought, “I could be friends with her.”

Favorite Food:  Potato chips and French onion dip.

Least Favorite Food:  Liver and eggplant top the list.

Oddest Thing that ever happened to me:  A few years ago I was propositioned to be part of a three-way (with a male acquaintance and another woman).  This upset me because I wondered what it was about me that would make either of these people think I’d be interested.  One of my friends, however, was highly impressed that I could attract both sexes.

Personal Goal Yet Achieved:  To be more published than I am and make more money at writing than I have. 

Most Afraid of:  I don’t like to define this, because I think if you articulate it, you might be inviting it.

Greatest Strength:  What my first Starbucks manager called global vision.  Being able to look at the big picture, see what’s going on in a situation overall. 

Where does character see him/herself in 10 years:  Oh, I hope I’m still writing, still selling books and making more money from it.  A couple of movie deals wouldn’t hurt, either.

Sexual Fantasy/Preference:  My fantasy and preference is being with a man I’m extremely attracted to who wants me and finds me fascinating.  All I ask is to be adored.

Musically Inclined?  No, no and no.  As my husband informed me on our first date, I cannot sing.  But I do it anyway.

Biggest Regret:  I gave my children way too much freedom when they were growing up.

Special Talents:  Limited.  I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue, but alas, I cannot wiggle my ears.

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  1. Oh wow, this list is amazing. I could use this for some of the plays that I write. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I will be sure to check out your website!!!

  2. Lakia, Glad you found it helpful. Happy writing!

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