ONE – 5 On Forgiveness

What if every time you hold a grudge against someone else, it’s more about holding a grudge against yourself? You won’t let go. That person who wronged you touched a chord in you, probably something you’ve been hanging onto since childhood and you can’t let go. You can’t forgive yourself and you can’t forgive others.

Two Hundred Words on My Hair

When “older” women color their hair it often looks unnatural. Your face, your body, your neck, your hands, everything else gives you away. You’re old-er. Perfectly blond or red or brunette hair sometimes doesn’t look quite right because you should be gray or white or a bit of both to match your face and your body.

ONE – Three

In a healthy relationship of any sort there’s give and take, and you are constantly “refueled” so to speak by the other person giving back to you. But when all you do is give and the other individual either can’t or won’t give back, eventually you’re drawing on an empty tank.