A Writer With ADD

Welcome to the unplanned career of a disorganized (but talented) 😊 writer with ADD who makes laughable promises to herself (“As God is my witness, I will post on social media no less than three times a week”) and wonders how she ever managed to publish twenty or so books in the first place.

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IMPOSTER SYNDROME? Imposter syndrome? I seriously thought this was a joke. The term is used a lot amongst creatives, but I never understood exactly what it was or what it felt like until last week. Imposter syndrome, I thought, denoted a lack of confidence or belief in one’s own abilities…

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The Color of Nothing Coming Soon Part 4

The Color of Nothing Book Cover

What I hope for the real life Darla is the same thing I hoped for my fictional Darla. That she’d get out of her own way. That she’d stop giving up on herself. Because inside both of them is something special, and I want to see them both succeed.

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