The Crap We Keep

sometime we should take a Saturday morning and do the local garage sale circuit just to entertain ourselves by studying the behavior of the seasoned garage sale shoppers. We decided that might be a bad idea. Chances are, we’d both come home with a carload of crap we don’t need.

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Happily Married?

Being a virgin on your wedding day is no guarantee of anything for your future, except, I suppose, it gives your spouse less of your past to be concerned about. With nothing to compare it to, it might also be hard to find fault with your spouse’s lovemaking technique

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The Freedom Lull-a-bye

I think we’ve elected the perfect president for our country.  Someone who reflects who and what the American people have become.  A “free” people.  But what if we’ve taken freedom to far?  What if we’ve taken it to a complete lack of accountability? I’m often surrounded by 20-somethings because I…

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