Family Therapy in The House of Dust, Part Seven, The Rest of the Trip

We head back to Illinois on Monday, which is Memorial Day.  Steve has suggested at least once that perhaps I didn’t plan this trip very well.  Did I realize it was Memorial Day weekend when I was planning it?  I don’t think I did, but it hasn’t made much difference…

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The Pefect Day

Every once in awhile God gives you a perfect day. While all of God’s days are perfect, all of yours (possibly) and mine are not. But once in awhile I at least have that feeling like I’m having a perfect day. I’m sure it’s more about my own attitude than…

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I’m Starving

I am all dressed up with no place to go. Yet. Don’t you hate it when you’re ready early and there’s no point in leaving so you’re sitting around trying to think of something constructive to do because you have at least a half hour before you need to leave?…

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Olive Garden

“It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday.  The regular crowd shuffles in…”  An evening at the local Olive Garden brings to mind those opening lines of Billy Joel’s Piano Man.  Except in this case, it’s five o’clock on a Sunday.  What I presume to be the regular crowd, is indeed shuffling…

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