Ten Things I’m Sick Of:

1.       ASPCA sad puppy commercials.  2.       Inarticulate political pundits.  3.       Comedians who aren’t funny, they’re just mean-spirited.  (Calling those whose politics are different from yours nasty names isn’t comedy.)  4.       Telemarketers.  Here is a partial list of things I don’t need and won’t buy from you:  storm shutters, insurance, an air…

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The Schmooze Factor

I always thought my local newspaper had a love for self-published authors. If you’re legitimately published, even through a small press, it’s like pulling teeth to get coverage in this newspaper. Even to do that, apparently, you have to “know” somebody or your minor publishing success (where a publisher paid YOU for your book) is not news.

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The Freedom Lull-a-bye

I think we’ve elected the perfect president for our country.  Someone who reflects who and what the American people have become.  A “free” people.  But what if we’ve taken freedom to far?  What if we’ve taken it to a complete lack of accountability? I’m often surrounded by 20-somethings because I…

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My Vein, My Blood – 18

9-26-06 Blizzard’s birthday.  I still miss that dog.  I wasn’t kind enough to him when I had him.  I am not a kind person.  I am jaded, bitter and disillusioned.  This whole thing with _____ should just be filed under “Life’s Not Fair” and I should move on.  We all…

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