Days Like This

Yesterday began with my brilliant idea to teach my husband to brew coffee.  I suggested it would be nice if he occasionally had coffee ready when I came downstairs in the morning instead of waiting for me to make it.  I’m pretty sure this somehow caused a tear in the…

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A Barista Bemoans

A Barista Bemoans 1. “I wanted that iced.”  Usually spoken at the hand-off counter by a customer who doesn’t know the difference between an iced drink and a hot one and didn’t order it iced so we assumed they wanted it hot.  Also usually after you’ve created the perfect hot…

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Like the Song Says, “How Bizarre”

On Thurs. Doreen gets call from some Missouri state investigator. He’s full of Q’s, and Doreen can’t answer any of them. He gets all professional investigator on her and tells her she doesn’t exist. Kincaid must be an alias. In which case, her SS# is invalid. Her marriage to Carl isn’t valid. Her entire life is a hoax on the American public.

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