Training Tommy

Training Tommy

An irresistible guy. A mischievous dog. And a by-the-book schoolteacher.

Sabrina Talbott loves her disciplined routines, her flower garden, and her home filled with a collection of teapots and antiques. She’s even trying to love the finicky cat she inherited from her grandmother. She’d also love Mr. Perfect. If only she could find him.

What she doesn’t love is her new neighbor’s unruly, fun-loving, free-spirited dog or his owner, Tommy Cameron. Skid digs up her roses, terrifies her cat, and wreaks havoc with her wardrobe. If only Tommy would train him!

Tommy finally takes the hint, but what Sabrina doesn’t realize is that while Tommy is training Skid, he’s also training her to lighten up and have some fun. At the same time, Sabrina is certain she’s the one who’s training Tommy to grow up and be more responsible.

Is it possible Sabrina can turn Tommy into Mr. Perfect? Or has he been perfect for her all along?

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