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A desperate woman.
A disillusioned spy.
A doomed mission.

Zoe Bradford will do anything to find her brother Ben, a missing missionary in Latin America. Even if it means sleeping with an anonymous stranger in order to finance a rescue mission.

Covert operative Aaron Manning doesn’t believe a “normal” life is possible for him. But the bizarre arrangement he creates with Zoe makes him more determined to step out of the shadows permanently in order to achieve his dream.

Zoe wants to believe in Aaron’s promise to save Ben, but she finds it impossible to fully trust him. Her determination to go it alone compromises Aaron’s carefully orchestrated op and endangers everyone involved.

Aaron’s desire to start a new life clashes with Zoe’s need to find answers. And when her phantom lover makes contact again, a pregnant Zoe knows the only way to move forward is to learn his true identity.

Once she uncovers the truth, Zoe must make a decision about the man she’s in love with and the phantom who duped her.

Is a future possible with either of them?

Reviews for Phantom:

“…Phantom is a fast-paced romantic suspense about two strangers missing something in their lives who find a connection and a dangerous mission that means life or death for those they love.”

-Eclectic Review

…this was an interesting read that presented us with some rather fascinating psychological debates. From Zoe’s difficulty at opening herself up to love again following the death of her husband and child, to her questioning loyalties for the two men she’s grown to care for, we’re constantly wondering how things will come to pass.

Overall…it portrays two characters who aren’t necessarily perfect, who battle with their inner demons and past traumas, but can find love and comfort in each other’s arms.


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