If You Stay

If You Stay

Book#3, The Red Bud Iowa Series

A runaway daughter.
An unforgiving father.
A reluctant artist.

At 18, Joy Laurence took off with the local bad boy who left her widowed, broke and pregnant. Back then her formidable minister father hung up on her when she called home. Now that she’s back, he slams the door in her face. But for her adult daughter’s sake, she is determined to make peace with her family.

Although romance isn’t even on her radar, Joy can’t resist troubled and talented Granger Sullivan’s rough edges and skilled hands. And in his rebellious teenage daughter she sees her own reflection.

Joy’s excitement dies when reconnecting with her past results not only in broken hearts, but broken lives. Including hers.

She could admit defeat and walk away a second time. But if she stays, can she find a way to reconcile with her loved ones and build the life she wants?

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